The 2016 CIS football season is underway and with it begins another
season of Krown Countdown U.This highlight/weekly review program
is entering it's sixth season on Shaw. Jim Mullin(who is the show host)
has been a big supporter of the amateur game. let's see the next generation
of CFL talent. The CIS is also airing 4 games nationally this season on CITY-TV.
Have a look. this is the season preview episode. this is the most recent episode.

Nice! Thanks for posting :thup:

Did anyone watch this?

Remember, you only need MLS numbers to get it on TSN.

Surely, CFL fans can spare time to watch an extra football game???

Episode 3

episode 5

Episode 6

Thanks for the links. Always nice to see promotion of the CIS. The better it gets, the better the CFL will get. :thup:

Some great attendances...