Kromah Dealt To Blue Bombers

"The Tiger-Cats have traded LB Abraham Kromah to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for future considerations."

Wow we didn't even get to see this guy play a regular season game.

Lets build the Bombers up. :roll:

Seems a bit of a head scratcher :? and I don’t think likely has to do with ability. Maybe Austin is making room for another player? or thinks Kromah may not have a chance to start due to depth. He was a FA signing wasn’t he?

The Ticats are deeper at LB than any other team in the CFL, and the D certainly isn't the issue this year. I don't see anything at all wrong or surprising in this trade. None of us know what the situation really is for football ops, so we shouldn't make assumptions.

Obviously he wasn't seen as a current or future contributor, or they wouldn't have traded him. That is the one logical assumption we can make.

When Simoni Lawrence Re-Signed, Kromah was the odd man out.

MLB was between Kromah and Plessius.
Plesius has played well and it looks like he has won the job.

In the Green game, on just about every running play, he was either still standing when someone else made the tackle, or, he was picking himself up off of the turf where he had been plastered. Not sure what you mean be “played well”? :roll:

He made 4 defensive tackles in a game where Green ran wild. Certainly not good enough to win the mlb job in my opinion. :oops:

Well, your opinion obviously differs from the coaching staff, so who do you think is right? You’re basing your stance on an extremely limited amount of info, of which some (or maybe most of it) is based on what you happened to see while looking at the TV.

Perspective is lacking, as it is in most people on earth, so you’re normal in your ignorance I guess.

So, are you normal then? :lol:

Ah yes I forgot when Kromah was signed Lawrence was heading south of the border for the NFL.One of my assumptions was that there was already enough depth. Unlike the Riders who just let him sit and not play last year, looks like Austin is trading him to a team where he might have a chance to play.

By this forums standards… no I’m not normal at all. Why? Because I’m not under the delusion that I know more about the game or team than the professional coaches do. Nor do I pretend to be a structural and/or civil engineer on stadium issues.

Like I said… perspective.

The Cats remember still have Marcellus Bowman and David Caldwell on the 1 gm IL. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them or both are activated for next game,Kromah was obviously the odd man out.Look for Bowman to be most likely activated and split time with Plesius in the middle either against Calgary or if not then perhaps against Ottawa in the home opener in game #4.

You know they’re in the West this year , right ?

With the re-signing of Lawrence it came down to him or Bowman. Austin put off decision on cut down day because both were hurt.

Might as well get something for an asset you aren’t going to use!

Good job Austin! :thup:

At the risk of being called ignorant and delusional by other posters :roll: , let me express my personal opinion that I hope Austin starts Bowman over Plesius. Again my observations (ignorant and/or delusional as they may be :wink: ) leads me to believe this is the right decision. As is a forum for fans to discuss their observations and opinions I hope that any “abby normal” posters are not offended by me doing so. :lol:

In his 2 plus years here, Bowman has done zip. This guy is always on the Disabled List. If he doesn't contribute soon, I'd jettison him, too.

I think they should stick with Plesius. When you have a Canadian who has the potential to be one of the best middle linebackers in the CFL, you have to play him.

I agree that Plesius did not play well against the Riders ( What TiCats did ? )
I felt he was much improved against Esks. He may have potential and the pre season speculation was it would be him or
Kromah. He is the last man standing. I also agree that Bowman has shown zip since being in Hamilton. Provided it does not hurt the general performance standard they should use as many Nationals on defence as possible and use their international
positions to sure up the offensive line. Butler , Stephen, Plessius, Bulke , Hazime , Laurent and Gascon Nadon all provide competent playmaking ability and options when it comes to making the line up.
Based on the start of the season it appears Myddelton was expected to replace Dyakowski. He is not the answer. If he started ahead of Filer, Reinders, Rice and the other National o-linemen we have it indicates they are not ready. Wojt has had injury concerns and O'neill ( who was a spare last year )may not be a solid every down player. The solution may turn out to be 3 or 4 international players on the o-line. Nationals playing on defence may help fix the offence.

Agreed 100%. He needs to play to improve, and he’s already good enough, or he wouldn’t be starting in the first place; despite what some of the keyboard coaches here may think.

Why any Canadian fan would not want a capable Canadian playing in a typically American spot, and want an American in his place is a bit disgusting IMO. C.O. Prime was also a highly rated LB prospect, but because of what they saw in Plesius, they decided to switch Prime to FB. That tells me all I need to know about FP’s current and future abilities.

Also, the Ticats already start 1-2 more Nationals than the ratio requires, so if they didn’t feel FP was up to the job he would have been pulled from the spot already. The fact that others can’t see his current and potential talent shows how limited their understanding of the game really is.

Bowman was only signed as a free agent before last season which means he’s been a Ticat just over a year. He spent the first part of the season on the IR which the Austin fully expected due to his previous injury/(surgery?) and if I recall correctly, was used sparingly when he did play later in the season because I don’t think he was quite 100% healthy (true of a number of the players last year). If Austin didn’t see his potential as a good contributor I suspect that he would have been released by now.