Time yet? can we not use him now?

And if or if not I also think we should shift Butler back to Safety and Brackenridge back up to LB ............. given Rey being out

Why? The D is not the issue.

I would more focused on the defensive backs.

Not a fan of Prince Miller or Carlos Thomas and Eddie Russ. I see those options as deficient.

We need Macho back but I don;t know how quick he'll be back?

We need Weldon back but we don;t know when he'll be back.

Get Rod Williams in. Try it because it hopefully is better than the above 3 guys that I am skeptical about.

I did not like Miller at all, but he has definitely grown on me.
I was a pretty big Russ fan, then he tanked and got cut, but has been pretty reliable since returning.

That said, Anderson on one side, Williams on the other is a scary secondary.

Of course there may be a vacancy a week from today...see how all of that pans out.

That said, Anderson on one side, Williams on the other is a scary secondary.

Of course there may be a vacancy a week from today...see how all of that pans out.
I think based on what appears to have happened in the "incident" it will likely go to trial so Anderson should be available. Just have to question where his mind is at tho, can't imagine it's all on football.

I would actually think the game is a beautiful distraction and likely when his mind is most at ease.

Abraham Kromah is on the 46 for this weeks game.

They definitely someone better in the middle than McCoulugh to start hopefully Kromah now back on the 46 can get back onto the field and into games and possibily move to the MLB the last few games and in the playoffs.
Utility Ferris at SAM but Brown would be better. Jackson starting on the opposite corner of Williams. Hope he is ready throwing the ball to the side of Anderson and Williams is a lose lose for any opponent.
With Jackson starting it could be a way to get both he and sanders onto the 42. Having a second RB behind Sheets gives a nice change up back with Sanders as a Hybrid they could get back to some more creativity on offense.
All of their best Olineman are on ther 46 so now it will be up to them to get it done.
Like it to see more of McHenry as an H-Back as well which worked so great before he got hurt

I haven't really seen McCoulugh miss a beat.
He is not as aggressive attacking the line or blitzting, but he is actually better against the run because of that.

Thats a great point and they have been doing a great job with using different players in different packages depending on the situation and he has been mostly just playing STs most of the season before the Williams injury so he should be pretty fresh throught the rest of the season and playoffs. So maybe you are right

many times it has been posted on here by several people...McCoulugh is probably one of it not the most under-rated and over-looked players in the CFL. IMO the D played better when he was in there than when B Simpson was...and Simpson was amazing. He seems to have a keen ability to calm and direct the squad. Case in point...penalties are down.

Yep Mike, can play football. Not flashy, but solid. Similar to Trevis Smith in that he was servicable but never an allstar. dug to the Trevis comparison :slight_smile: strange one to compare a guy mean ON the :cowboy: