KRISTA GIAMOS too sexy for

if you would care to rephrase that to "kick her outta bed", or maybe even just "be interested in her" then I will give you a true answer

I'm disgusted. We're 20 replies into this thing and not a single pic or link.

you are not a true football fanatic unless you wouldnt notice (a gorgeous member of the sex that turns you on) walk by naked between you and the screen during a play.

When it comes to football, I dont care to be distracted by women. Being able to share football watching with my football knowledgable wife, beats half naked cheerleaders and sexy side reporters anyday.

I come here to talk football, not females, unless they playing football.

I was probably watching when they discovered Pammy on screen, but I can assure you, all I wanted was to get back to the football.

I agree FYB. That's basically the reason why I stopped taking good looking women, or women altogether to Canucks games. I ended up not being able to be myself in front of them and caring too much about how I looked rather than cheering for the Nucks.

hehehe. I have a friend who got mad at his wife when he was watching his team play. Why did he get mad? She started doing a striptease in front of the TV screen and interrupted the game. You should have hear my buddies and I howling as he explained how frustrating it was trying to watch the game. I guess for some guys, the game takes on very high importance at times. :slight_smile:

Yes, very high, even higher than getting it up higher it seems! :wink:

Blah blah blah :roll:

I guess I am not a true football fanatic by FYB's definition.
How about season tickets for almost my entire life, and 7 straight grey cups with 2 others in 27 years. Do I qualify FYB??
BUt a gorgeous naked female steps in front of me and the tv. Well I think I could multi task. If its at the actual game. Well that might be a little awkward what with the 28000 + other people there.

thats my story, and I am sticking to it.

There is a hell of a lot more to life than adolescent preoccupation with the female body.

This is a football forum, not playboy.

you qualify as a true blue, er green, rider supporter, but football fanatic, I dunno

I was at a Rider game two years ago where they had a mock Winnipeg soldier vs. Regina soldier shootout. It eventually ended when the Regina side (who had about 20 soliders) brought out a tank and proceeded to "kill" the 4 Winnipeg soldiers.

How something like that is appropriate in today's society but a woman's shoulders aren't is beyond me. Honestly, this fear of anything sex related in society is absolutely ridiculous and is nothing more than a remenant of the Catholic church's former cultish influence that has somehow stuck even in this age of enlightenment (comparatively speaking).

Our society worships violence, something which only leads to death and harm and yet sex, which is necessary for the very survival of our species is treated like its an absolute evil.

how do we get from bare shoulders to sexual fantasies to mock shootouts? a very off topic subject in deed. Sex is not considered absolute evil, but there is a time and a place for it.

Geez Red, that vision could scare me into a Heart Attack! 8)

Agreed. The whole wardrobe malfunction nipple thing at the super bowl still baffles me on how big of a deal it became. Its a nipple people, we all have them.

if it wasnt for her flaunting her chest, i wouldnt look twice at her.

she should be a cheerleader, not a reporter / host.

Just keep us abreast of any developments, pictures, etc.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That was bad, Sporty... :lol:

But does this girl actually work for TSN? I've never heard her name before.

I've never heard of her until this post.

i think she works for tsn

She looks like shes about 12.She does have a nice set of eyes though.