KRISTA GIAMOS too sexy for

Holly censorship Batman. Krista Giamos' Day 8 Toronto Training Camp Video has been re-cut, removing her from it completely. She was wearing a strapless top, I guess that was too sexy for Come on, really? This is a horrible decision. Dear CFL, You're not on the CBC anymore! Lets loosen up a bit.

krista just loves to show off her chest...which id be fine with, if thie wasnt a family league.

she was at the QB challenge, and i didnt even notice she was there til my lil' cousin said, 'hey check THEM out'.

everything she wears, she wears with the intentions of putting 'them' out there.

If you got it, flaunt it I say. You go girl!

...I prefer the "modesty is everything" option, particularly in a league that is trying to promote a family-fun atmosphere.

Oh come on fellas! You think a strapless top goes against the family atmosphere?

Why not just get rid of ALL the cheerleaders then? I heard once someone flashed an ankle!

It's nothing no one's ever seen before. Kids watch Much Music all the time and see girls wearing a helluva lot less than that. This is something the younger generation is used to, hell even EXPECTS, and I'm all for ANYTHING that helps the CFL's image among generation A.

Besides, wasn't it like 33 degrees during the week this thing was filmed? Give the poor girl a break.

I'm too sexy for CFL.CA :wink:

.... P.S. She's incredibly gorgeous, let her do whatever she wants! lol

Anyone have a picture of her? I would need one to fairly judge wether she is too sexy for or not...

Darn, you beat me to it! :lol: :lol:

So, I take it you are NOT playing in the Lingerie Bowl this year? :wink:

Darn, I was looking forward to that!

...I am...

..............and I was not looking forward to seeing that.

I watched the Hamilton video, and I rather enjoyed the view.
I didn't watch the Argo one, and now I have no reason to.

Hey, that rhymes!

my thoughts were that she was not professional enough, in her clothes and in her manner. She came across like she should be in a college girls gone wild video. If this is what we get from TSN, then I want CBC back. When it comes to football, I want mature professionalism and 100% family friendly first content.

I agree with dmont. Surely the league isn't still living back in 1954. It doesn't sound like there was anything overly offensive about the video.

(Any have the video or pictures?)

i guess we have different definitions of incredibly gorgeous. To me, such a person stands out in a crowd of your run of the mill good looking women. This girl is just run of the mill to me, a little on the skinny side.

Don’t pretend like you wouldn’t bang her FYB because we all know you would :slight_smile:

...or, you could not be so inappropriate on a family site...

Appreciating a good looking woman is one thing, RLR, but making comments like the one you just made are uncalled for.