Kris Robertson

Kris was drafted 2nd by the BB in 2013. Has he recovered from his injury or, is he out of football?

He is expected to be at camp according to Bombers.

I do hope Kris will give W some exciting play this season.

I still do not think he is listed on the roster but in an interview with Walters Roberson's name came up when talking about the possibility to play a Canadian CB this season. The realeasing of Muamba may have opened up a roster spot very soon for him as a Canadian Safety.

Walters did say Robertson will be in camp, while a WR drafted last year from the Florida Gators program, Stephen Alli, will no. Considering Robertson wasn't in camp last year because of his injury, he might still be a non counter against the TC roster limit like other draft picks attending their first camp.

That is a great point. It also could be why he has not appeared on the roster yet as he may be part of the time the Bombers have alloted to sign this years rookie draft class.

Newman alexander could be the one two at safety. Robertson could be added onto the roster as well plycing gunner on teams while possibily being a work in progress as a possible CB as they are talking about a Canadian CB which would be Bucknor. Would not count out Sherman Teague as well fitting somewhere with the team battling for a teams spot on the roster, still young enough to be OK to be on the PR to start the season.
That is a huge upgrade in Canadian DBs which basically consisted of just Cauchy Muamba who has been released.

For Muamba there will be a small market of teams out there that would be interested as the second Canadian Safety on a roster or a third to add depth and competition.

Well the match was at IGF that is for sure. Watching it on ESPN3 it seemed to be very loud with a large crowd. The Womens National team is popular and draws big crowds especially when it is the rival US.