Kris Robertson torn acl

2013 pic Robertson.... Tore his acl Damn it.. he never even got off the ground. Seemed so up-beat and ready for tc. Sometimes the sporting occupation you choose can be cruel...Hope he can get a shot with us next year, after he heals.... :frowning:

Sad. He worked so hard to get his shot. Cruel, cruel sport.

Hopefully his rehab will go well and he'll be back next season.

Big loss loss to not just Robertson but the BBs and the CFL. He would of had the been a prime Canditate as a Canadian rookie returner a spot that is lacking heavily in the CFL for Canadian players.
A couple of other possibilbles of Canadain Return specialists such as regional combine find in Damon Blackman who was a gunner at Saint Mary's as well as a returner. Another Ezra Millionton will be back both could make the team on specials while working towards replacing Deslaureis as a Canadian rec.
Also the talk before the draft is that Calgary Dino's RB drafted with the 5th pick if he is going to be a back up he will need to play specials and being a RB translating to a Kickoff returner to go along with Import devine