kries ro cincinnati

tsn reoprts that #23 kyries hebert signed a 2 year deal with the cincinnati bengals of the NFL.

Yeah that sucks, just heard about that on global sports.

...Time to insert Nugent as a starter...that will make-up for the loss of Hebert a bit...He can really get physical with receivers as he showed last year...I think we should also go after Cody...or Cox in Mont. ...AFTER we see how much dough is left after re-signing our fa's...Losing Hebert is gonna hurt .... :thdn:

but on the plus side it will really open things up financially.... remember he was making glieber money with that contract

....true...and IF Milt doesn't return...there's a few more bucks... :wink:

Yes, but I certainly hope he DOES return. I do believe that there is still gas in that particular tank.

at least i can finnally have a reason to cheer for an nfl team... well i do like the steelers but thats not the point. GO CINNCINNATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!