Koy Detmer: bring him to Hamilton

He was released yesterday, bring him in.


Why not! he's Ty Deltmers brother!

Are you on crack??

who is this guy what does he play?

this is getting out of hand, how many threads are we gonna devote to these fringe players? Koy Detmer’s biggest accomplishment in philly was being the holder on placekicks for 10 years, big dea1!!!, who cares, enough of these threads, lets get back on topic. The only other big stat about Detmer is that he’s the brother of heisman trophy winner Ty Detmer, and we all know how the cfl drools over overrated ex-heisman winners.

He was an NFL backup q.b for the last 5-10 years, he's not a physical specimen, only about 6-1 170 pounds but he has a high football i.q, and is an accurate passer. He's started a few games and played well when ever he has started, except for last year.

its obvious your his agent, relative, or girlfriend, how can you honestly sit there with a tsraight face and hype him up

Hey, Koy is not that bad, I have seen him have some big games in the NFL. There was one monday night game a few year ago when he was shredding San Fran to the point where Madden was wondering why he was still a back up, then he blew out his knee in the second half, which shows what kind of luck the guy has had. Had he not blown out his knee he probably would have been a starter somewhere in the NFL the next season.

I'm not doubting you, but if he's this good, won't NFL teams show interest in him?

andkon wrote:

I'm not doubting you, but if he's this good, won't NFL teams show interest in him?
Depends, so many players down there, if you have one flaw they don't like, the word gets around and they don't want you. You may be good but have that flaw which we'll then take a chance on. You have to remember the pool of players just waiting down there to make an NFL team, huge numbers, everyone is expendable.

Im still not buying it. Ty detmer was good but Koy? im a bit iffy. If he really does have all those "skills and potential" why should we bother trying to sign him? and Earl made a valid point about if you have a bad rep, people wont want you. But wait a second... Look at T.O, look at Keyshawn Johnson. People took chances on them. Koy is old, never will be a starter, not in the NFL. Too old to adjust to CFL i believe and he is not very mobile. Might have been nice 5 years ago.

hit the buzzer and stop reading here. 5-10 as a back up


Zero CFL experience. Forget it.

Stick with Maas and Eakin.

David Archer came in with zero experience and all he did was throw for 6000 yards his rookie season.

cattmann77..... you're alive!!!!!!