Kory Sheets

Well,, it was discussed on SportsCage .... (and I think in another thread on here).

What do y'all think? .... if he becomes available, do we try to re-sign Kory Sheets ? ? .............. :?

Yes...with caveats:

  1. If we don't have to break the bank to get him
  2. If he's healthy and can return to his previous form
  3. If he shows commitment to the team

I want him as much as everyone else, but realize we can pick up great RBs from the NFL just like we did with Sheets that are younger and cheaper...just sayin

So what are the chances he gets another shot with a different NFL team when free agency opens? Anyone hear any rumors if any other NFL team is sniffing at signing him?

Well I don't see much chance of us getting Sheets back after Chamblins comments or at least what Rod Pedersen said Chamblin said about Sheets after he left of having "character issues" Not sure if he is referring to him being caught with weed or what but first of all why would Pedersen even bring this up. I know he is payed to report but why now? Why not right after the comment was supposedly made? One can only speculate on the timing as it can't help the Riders to resign him. IF Chamblin did make the comment why bring it up with Kory without Chamblin there to defend his statement or explain it. Cheap reporting tactics if you ask me. First if your going to accuse someone of stating something about another person it is only fair to do so in the presence of that accused. This is chicken sh$$ reporting and only trying to create controversy for publicity in my opinion. Not impressed Mr Pedersen I would have thought if you wanted to make an issue of this you would have the balls to do so in the presence of both Kory and Chamblin.

think it had a lil more to do with the outstanding depts he left in his tracks as he left town. If Rider staff does not want this stuff getting out there, they probably should be a little more careful around media, but there are those in the staff that have been adimant that the window of return was closed when he left anyways...that is their job to find this kind of stuff, and while there are certain things they will keep a lid on, they will let tibits of other stuff out without entirely spilling the beans. Some of that simply will never come out because they do not wish to open the can, but when there is increased potential of a player coming back to the league, yes, they will then report on it a bit. Either way, Sheets is clearly upset by it.

I agree that staff should be a little more careful on what they leak out. Lets face it in this province anything to do with the Riders or the players is big news so you have to be aware of it. Now if Kory did leave town owing a bunch of money well that isn't cool either. I know he has had a few meetings about his conduct and perhaps this was the final straw for Chamblin but to have this come out now and perhaps hurt the teams chances of improving, well that isn't good either. I think if they are serious about signing him they should set up a meeting immediately between Sheets, Chamblin and Taman and see it they can clear the air. If that does not go well then that's the end of it. Perhaps though things could be ironed out and if that was the case then negotiations could begin.

I think if Kory wants to come back and if he did owe money to business in town he should make restitution to them before signing. If he is willing to do that then it shows an interest in making amends and being part of the community. I think if we were to sign him it might be better for the team to make it a more incentive loaded contract rather then salary loaded. Something along the lines of 120k and then performance based bonuses. If he is healed and does well he would get paid well but if there is a health issue then he would get his base and that is it.

I would think teams like the Bombers, Ottawa, and perhaps the Lions will be sniffing with the Bombers probably showing the most interest other then the Riders. The lions may be interested but with Cortez on staff not sure if that helps or hurts their chances as we all know Kory was not exactly thrilled with Cortez at times. The thing is though with Lulay's health being suspect then the Lions could rely on a run oriented offense which means more playing time for Sheets. Ottawa seems to have no money issues for whatever reason and might try to make a splash by signing him. The bombers like the Riders did when they hosted the Cup will be all in this year trying to get to the big game and win it.

If Chamblin said those things, that's on him, and no one else. Journalists are paid to find and write stories. Well, Chamblin gave them a story.

To a point I agree and yes reporter are paid to dig up dirt but I still think to be fair Mr Pedersen should have taken a bit of a moral high ground and asked the question of Kory with Chamblin available to respond. Quite often things are said or taken out of context and it would be a shame it this turns out to be the case here. I'm not saying that is the situation but if Both Chamblin and Sheets were available at the same time to respond then there would be little doubt of what exactly was said and what was meant by it. As of now it's hanging there in limbo to as actually what Chamblin was referring to and why he made the comment. Sure Pedersen is paid to break news but he may be wise to not burn bridges at the same time. In this province if you get on the bad side of the Riders then you might as well pack your bags and go elsewhere or you will find yourself covering nothing but minor league ping pong tournaments. In a province that has only one professional sports team it may not be career wise to crap where you eat.

If you didn’t hear/read the presser from noon it is worth digging up. They focussed on the Sheets situation.

Still worth seeing the whole thing, but Nye hits the highlights well:

Jamie Nye@jamienye 5. Re: Durant, it was he that said he wanted to throw at mini-camp. The team's original plan was to have him observe and not throw. #Riders0 replies5 retweets3 favorites

Jamie Nye@jamienye
4. O'Day says Achilles injuries are usually between 9 and 11 months. #Riders training camp starts exactly 9 months after his injury.0 replies2 retweets0 favorites

Jamie Nye@jamienye
3. Team was pondering whether or not to try to work out Sheets while in FLA for mini-camp and didn't seem there was a definite answer yet.0 replies3 retweets3 favorites

Jamie Nye@jamienye
2. Sheets is going to try to get an NFL gig first, but it was he who contacted the #Riders about a possible return to #CFL later.0 replies8 retweets3 favorites

Jamie Nye@jamienye

  1. Sheets not a locker room problem, only thing they look into is pot charge and how that will impact his immigration. #Riders0 replies6 retweets2 favorites

Jamie Nye@jamienye
.@HomeOfTheFans tweeted all the news from O'Day. Simply have some questions to be answered re: Sheets. Durant throwing in Florida.

  1. The Saskatchewan Roughriders threw Assistant General Manager Jeremy O’Day in front of the media to field questions about Kory Sheets. There has been a firestorm of rumours, comments, opinions about Sheets since he let it be known he was going to be a free agent and then Head Coach Corey Chamblin’s comment about some things ‘character-wise’ the team had to look into. O’Day cleared the air today by saying the things the team has to look into are A) his injury; timeline, significance and what type of player he’ll be after his recovery? B) does he get a job in the NFL? C) Will the marijuana charge from last year impact his ability to get a permit to work in Canada? D) $$$ if or when they start negotiating a deal? That’s it. O’Day says Sheets was a great locker room guy and team mate and those are the only things they need answers to. O’Day let it be known they’re even thinking about working him out when they head to Florida for mini-camp because Sheets resides in Tampa. O’Day did say they are fairly happy with their current running back depth.

  2. Jeremy O’Day was also asked about Darian Durant, who has travelled back to the U.S. after completing his recovery from that elbow injury. O’Day let it be known that plans have changed and Durant will be attending mini-camp and will be throwing. The team’s original plan was to have Durant there, observing and take part in meetings but Durant told the team he wants to be there and to take part in the on-field practices. How much will he throw? We don’t know that but The Green Zone will be in Florida again this year to bring you all the news from the Bradenton mini-camp. It’s already under a month away!

So to me this sounds like it was blown out of proportion a tad. Naturally the team would need to know if the drug incident would effect if he could play in Canada. Also I'm sure the team isn't thrilled about the fact he did it in the first place as it does not exactly show good judgement. That combined with the other incident that got him in a bit of hot water and some bad publicity doesn't exactly sit well with the team's image. That said if they are considering asking him to the mini camp it doesn't sound as if things are as bad as reported.

yeah, Sheets has stayed in touch, so I am sure the comment just caught him off guard. Corey's bluntness is something I like, but it is also something that holds him back IMO. He may or may not grow out of that a bit as he develops as a coach...He is still pretty young as far as Head Coaches go, and IMO some of his actions are overcompensating for lack of experience.

Being reported that Sheets is unlikely to play at all this year. I knew he was a long shot to make camp at best, but thought there might be a chance of a late season start. Shame, could be it for him.

That indeed is too bad. If he would have been able to recover and get another NFL shot I would have been happy for him. Of course I was hoping he would come back to the Riders too but if he is a no go for the whole season then it doesn't sound too promising for him career wise in football. Then again it would not hurt to keep in touch and see what next spring brings. Yes he is certainly getting older but if he made a full recovery it certainly wouldn't hurt to give him a shot at training camp. I would expect his going price would be substantially lower if he doesn't play at all this year due to age and the injury factor.

From FA thread

I don't get it. I mean sure he had a serious injury but if he is healed and can pass the medical why not give him a shot? What is the big risk here? If he shines then he shines if he tanks he tanks. Pretty cut and dry in that aspect.

Just to flat out say don't bother showing up seems a bit stupid. Wouldn't it look good on us if the Stamps gave him a shot and he tore up the field like he did in 13? How stupid would we look for not even givng him a shot? Phhhttt whatever.

yup...I don't agree with it...I also have no idea on details of the conversation nor on his medical report, which he only got like a day ago. Without that it is hard to say too much on it. Perhaps he was pumped about the medical report but it was not as good as he though...would be easy to get jacked after the first surgery failed. Perhaps he said he was willing to come back for X amount and Jones said no thanks because it was too high for being off so long. Perhaps Jones has heard that Sheets was an issue on the team at times (players, especially Geroy) had to pull him aside multiple times. Perhaps they said 2 years off and 31...no.

Don't get me wrong...I am disappointed and would love to see him get a crack...I simply don't know details around the matter

I have heard Sheets was not well like in the locker room, but why not allow him to try out in camp, then decide!

yeah...I know he rubbed a lot of people really poorly at times...perhaps Jones just kinda said to himself...hey, I know about this and with the injuries and being 31...I have no allegiances to him...I could totally get that, as much as I love the idea of him potentially back with the club Jones could easily add it all up and pass. I have to wonder if his last injury battle would humble him a bit though. Shame, but understandable.

Thursday, February 4, 2016 SHEETS AT IT ON TWITTER Former Roughriders running back Kory Sheets Tweeted a cryptic message on Thursday. It appears he's reached out to the Saskatchewan Roughriders regarding a comeback but was rejected.

@Sheets24K: "So they say they don't want me back as a Rider. What to do, where to go? #cfl"

Sheets set a Grey Cup rushing record with 197 yards in Saskatchewan's 45-23 win over Hamilton in the 2013 Grey Cup and signed with the NFL's Oakland Raiders for 2014. However a ruptured Achilles tendon in a preseason game against Green Bay ended his season and he hasn't played since.

The Riders said this afternoon they met with Sheets this off-season and "chatted" but upon doing some research on his injury history and off-field problems, they aren't interested in signing him to a contract.

There you have it

I had forgotten about the off-field bumps as well. IIRC he was given a "last strike" after the domestic abuse incident and then after 2014 had the maryjane incident