Kory Sheets

Man that sucks. Sorry to hear about this Kory. Hope you make a quick recovery and get another shot at your dream. If that isn't to be then I hope you look to your home north of the border next year.

This really sucks. :frowning:

Really too bad. Hopefully its not career ending.

To bad it has ended a chance at his dream this season, wish him all the luck in recovery. This also means no chance he returns this year.

Very tough luck for Sheets.

He had a great run going, got popped, fumbled. And Achilles is a 10-12 months rehab. Even if he gets released by NFL in next 1-10 months he isn't going to be ready for CFL camps in 2015. Plus if that is the same Achilles gone twice.........on a running back...........Tough.

Hats off to him as 3 games in he was showing well and getting chances! Not he has to get back to 100%