Kory Sheets

5th on the depth chart according to Oaklands web page. If I remember correctly he is also suspended the first game or two if he makes the team? or is the suspension served in the preseason? Will we be seeing him sooner than later?

Not sure now that we would bring him back,, my biggest fear would be that he does become avail and ends up elsewhere, say Edmonton for example.

why wouldn't they bring him back? The guy was a stud last year for us. Heck he probably accounted for more then half the offense so you don't just say meh no thanks to a player like that. Ford has been good but he's no Sheets. When your offence is 75% run you want the guy that can deliver the mail and there is no doubt Kory does it air express.

Yes. They would bring him back for sure.... Keep Ford for kick returns and a dual threat, similar to Sheets and Saunders last year during the playoffs.
You cannot turn away a guy that rushed for 1600 yards in 15 games during the regular season and over 500 yards in 3 playoff games...

The only issue would be whether he could still be as productive as last season. It always seems the NFL cuts come back to the CFL and it takes a while before they are truly effective or dominant..

IF he becomes available and re-signs, worst case is that you turf toe a RB for cap.

I was, at one point, wondering if the RB cycle was to keep him more appealed to returning to the Riders if he became available.

Exactly what I had been thinking as well, and could still be the case

Disagree........the team won't artificially look bad at RB so Sheets keeps an eye on us........or his agent.

Sheets is thinking 100% Raiders right now.

If he does get cut.........our RB rotation would change and I agree 100% the Riders would be all over it. If anything, our RB shanges have increased Kory's stock.

Will Ford. 8/10 so far. He dropped a third down gamble last week. Game was away and it was not a big deal. But you make those plays. He'll continue to get used to our offense and get comfortable and hopefully we see this as the games continue.

Will Ford.........wants to show the Bombers why they cut him. 100%.

But we'd be after Sheets hard and be assured the Rider brass likely talks to his agent 2-3 times a week about how things progress in Oakland! Same with Dressler. Those agents will be reminded over and over about a green team that would love to re-unite should things not work out.

looking through highlights of the Raiders/Cowboy heads up camp it would appear that Sheets may have went from novelty to potential roster guy. Most expected him to be the workhorse through pre-season, then cut...he has been looking very good in camp though.

Thanks Depop as I have not had much luck finding any good info about how Sheets is doing. It is now a very interesting time in NFL camps. Once you enter exhibition games 3 and 4 things start to crystalize about who the team likes, etc. We're at that point right now.

Sheets actually saw a lot of action in the 3rd and 4th quarters in last nights game against Detroit, including some punt/kick returns

The very heavy speculation even before camp was that Sheets would be the workhorse in pre-season saving their guys for the regular season. The problem is that Sheets has turned some heads, and I think a lot more than they were thinking he might. He looked okay in in the 1st PS game, but pretty darned good in the 2nd. Moreso, he has looked good in camp, and GREAT in the head to head minicamp with the Cowboys.

The signing of Maurice Jones-Drew really put Sheets in a long spot…but he has looked good. McFadden is injurred all often, and has already been displaced as the #1 guy by Jones IMO. When Jones was signed I thought Sheets would be gone after the 2nd PS game, but I am thinking they keep him around and evaluate McFadden. Right now they have ~2.5 mil a year into Drew, and ~1.25 into McFadden, but McFadden has stupid high bonusses for his salary so even if they cut him now there is an additional 4-500k cap hit already there…THAT is the unfortunate challenge for Sheets. IMO if that money wasn’t on the books, McFadden is gone.

Latavius Murray has looked pretty solid, and with a few years in his favour, that is an advantage, really THE advantage he has on Sheets. I don’t think they are willing to part with Murray.

The scenerio I see if he keep simpressing…
Maurice Jones-Drew is #1
McFadden and Murray dress behind him
If they can get anything for McFadden, he is gone (not likely), otherwise he is a FA at seasons end. As a backup, his injury history is a minimal factor.
Sheets sits on the PR and dresses in 2015.

sheets just went down, and he does not look good…helmet is off and he laying there…leg

Looks like a knee and that could torpedo chances in both leagues depending on severity…although he did walk off unassisted

Yeah…big bruise…looked bad off the hop.

Is that the same injury/location he had in SK?

Tough to say for sure, but it didn't look like it.
I'd say it was a stinger and a huge arse bruise

Left leg looked pretty stiff

Scott Bair
Kory Sheets has an Achilles injury. Menelik Watson was pulled early with a hip flexor.

Belton Johnson is saying it was a tear

that is a damned shame if it is true. He was killing it out there, and I honestly think has/had turned enough heads to stick around

[url=http://ckom.com/story/kory-sheets-suffers-season-ending-injury/409043]http://ckom.com/story/kory-sheets-suffe ... ury/409043[/url]

It is official...achilles tear...what a blow and best luck with a full recovery...Sheets was, IMO, well on his way to landing a role in the NFL

Now everybody's going to be a little gun shy seeing as he had the same injury in Miami in 2010