Kory Sheets!

A break out debut for Kory Sheets! He blanketed the Ti-Cat defence. They hid under the covers when they saw him coming. He's the real thing, 500 thread Egyptian cotten!

Is this post meant to be ironic? Cause Walker > Sheets.

Walker had a good game, but where are the puns man?

I figured you made enough bad puns for the both of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

They both had good games. walker did get most of his stats in 1 play though. Both are new faces to watch though

Compared to last year, the Roughriders have a clean Sheet!

I'm just getting started!

Every time he touched the ball, I said to my buddy, Holy Sheets! I nearly sheet myself!

I don't know what's worse, that comment or that I laughed. I blame the alcohol. :stuck_out_tongue:

There you go!

He is a hell of a back.

he looked good but how much of that was him looking good and how much of it was the Ticat D just stinking up the joint?

Gotta take that into consideration here, would sheets say, put up those yards against BC or Wpg's D? im not so sure he would.


Whats gonna happen when kory sheets the bed.

He looked good but he aint king sheet until he does that against a D that doesnt look as bad as hamiltons did tonight, broken coverage,poor tackling, just terrible defensive play by the cats.

Sheet ya

Keeping in mind it was preseason he looked good against BC and Calgary's D.

That's true for both Walker and Sheets having good games. However, on the CFL home page for rushing stats; both players names are not on the list :? .....TSN :thup: has their page correct.

Goes back to what I’ve always said - - RB is the easiest position to fill in the CFL.

Building a championship level team is not a difficult thing - - provided you’ve got half a brain and don’t get caught up playing favourites. Still trying to figure out why it took Calgary so long to finally dump Joff Reynolds.

Probably because he was productive and a fan favourite. His play suddenly dropped off, it's not like he had been terrible.

He had a great game but for some reason, cfl.ca STATS don't show any rushing totals for him.

Some one left him off the score sheet or maybe some one really sheet the bed.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/stat/Rushing/year/2012/type/reg]http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/sta ... 2/type/reg[/url]

What a friggin shock! Is there anyone who is not a bomber player that u don't critize! God it's getting old. Give the guy half an ounce of credit, he played good. Every single player in this league will have good and bad games.

The Bombers are the first & only team so far this season to stop Kory Sheets from running over 100 yards in a single game (91).

Woohoo :rockin:


Montreal held him to 74