Kory Sheets' touchdown celebration

Can anybody answer what Kory Sheets' touchdown celebration is all about?

It's all about Saskatchewan....he's drawing our map.

I love it and think it's the best celebration I've seen. To me he's showing us where his heart is at.

oh...that one...I was trying to recall it...yeah...that was pretty cool to see! Lets see a BC player try to do that for the province :slight_smile:. He must have been inspired by the one new screen

Cool I didn't know that.

Oh, that's what he was doing?!?! I, too, was wondering. In that case, it's really cool!! How did you find out that that is what he meant? Did a reporter ask him and I missed the article or what?

I know i heard it...can't recall if it was at the game or when i re-watched, but it was announced at some point.


No I recognized it as soon as I seen it.

I also should mention that I realize his heart is at home just like any other. What I meant is his heart is also in football and he plays for the Riders plus he's been awesome so it all works out great in the end.

And ya I think it's awesome :rockin:

OK so I was wrong, sorry if I caused any confusion.

Apparently it's something to do with his gaming buddy's.
I'm good with that too, still think it's a cool celebration.

I liked your version though. I'm sticking with it even if it isn't true :slight_smile: :lol: