Kory Sheets Out For The Season

8) Former Saskatchewan RB, Kory Sheets attempt to crack the Raiders roster, has come to an abrupt end.
    Sheets suffered an Achilles injury during Friday nights Raider ex game, and is lost for the season !!
     This is the second time that Sheets has suffered an Achilles injury in his attempt to crack an NFL roster.

      In 2010, he suffered an Achilles injury while trying to make the Dolphins, and was done for the year.
      Tough luck guy for sure, as far as his attempts to make an NFL roster are concerned !!

seems this happens way too often; CFL star trys his luck in NFL camps, has a devastating injury, returns to the CFL and is never the same player he was and never seen again shortly after.

Sadly, this may be a career-ending injury. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for Kory.