Kory Banks?

Korey Banks is no longer with the Bombers asking for his release last Sunday according to TSN last night during the Bombers/Redblacks game, he's 34 year old, is he too old to take a shot at in Hamilton or do you feel he might fit in with our defence?

Winnipeg Sun
Bitter Korey Banks gets his release from Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Korey Banks said he wouldn’t have had a problem being a backup if he wasn’t one of Winnipeg’s best defenders.

Ego’s too inflated. Me first, team second isn’t helpful.

An Argo-Cat fan

He got burned a lot last year. Clearly past his expiration date, and like a previous poster said, a huge ego

WHY? He doesn't seem to be the kind of player Austin and Steinauer prefer.

Only if he can somehow gain about 80-90 extra lbs and about 4-5 inches in height and learn how to play on the O-Line :roll:

Or QB?? We need a QB, any pro QB’s out there?

Hey the Ti-Cats should pull Kerry Joseph out of retirement hire him as a QB and QB Coach for the younger guys, at least Kerry has won a Grey Cup with Saskatchewan and played under Austin, these young guns need some help?

Hell, why not convince Mike Kerrigan to come out of retirement?

You guys are still thinking inside the box. Bring in Joe Zuger or Russ Jackson. :wink: