Korsak is the Man

He played a huge part in this win over the BBs. The two late punt singles put the tying FG into play and ultimately the win.

Honorable mention to Lauther who was also clutch. Love our one/two punch!!!


Yessiree, kicking game so important, it looks like most teams have good punting these days.

His first single gave BB’s the ball at the 40 and the BB’s scored a touchdown on that drive.

His second single gave the BB’s the ball on the 40 again and the BB’s scored a field goal on the drive.

80 yards of field position and 10 points for the BB’s is an -8 points and 80 yards.

His Net punting avg is second to last.
I don’t see the rational for this one.

Surprised nobody has responded to this lol. First single came with a no yards. Winnipeg could have taken the penalty and the ball at the 25 as it was a 15 yarder. Cost us 15 yards not 40. Second single was followed by a Sask Fg to tie the game, not a Bomber TD.