kornegey as linebacker? echols starting corner?

wtf, why is kornegey listed as a LB... and why isnt sam young playng.. why parker?

Since Cox is hurt, they needed to put someone in at LB for backup depth. Kornegay is the guy. He will probably be used in 3-4 alignments as has been suggested elsewhere on the site as an outside LB.

I suspect they want to see what Echols has got in a game situation before making another permanent change in the secondary. Same goes for Parker. I am not familiar with Young's current readiness to play, but I suspect if healthy he will definitely be in the lineup at CB before too long. He is a definite upgrade and will help our overall depth.

Oski Wee Wee,

Like Oski said it will have to be 3-4 alignments, strictly for pass coverage because one thing Kornegay cannot do is tackle! He is on those DBs that try to bodycheck rather than wrap up.

we have alot of players like that. they will hit you hard but if you dont go down were in trouble because they cant tackle :thdn:

Disagree on your assessment of Kornegay.
This guy is a player. Last game against the Als he was super. I think he is starting to get his confidence back. When he did miss a couple tackles, he was coming in to fast and not controlled. He is a little light for lb but lets see what he can do. He just might surprise.
As far as Echols goes, he's coming in with good credentials. If the coaches thought Sam Young was better I'm sure he'd be playing. He's been in the league 3 years.
Parker could be a real find for us. He also might end up a lb. With his speed, it'd be nice to see him at free safety. :cowboy:

just my two cents worth :slight_smile:

Didn't say Kornegay wasn't good, just that he has trouble tackling. I think is a good cover guy, and getting better.If you have trouble with tackling skills playing corner, it might be a problem playing linebacker. Like you say, he isn't that big a guy.

a lot of DB's (because they're smaller than the receivers) seem to have trouble tackling properly. They have that hit/body check out of bounds mentality rather than the drag down mentality.

its a CFL wide thing if you ask me, but our team does tend to exhibit it a lot.

The problem with most DBs is they are smaller and less physical than most WRs. In some cases, the DBs can hit like a truck eg. Shaw. But most of the time, DBs we have here in hamilton just cant hit that hard. Its good howevere that they work in a team, otherwise i think we would have a problem.

did you just say shaw hits like a truck????

that would be the NERF trucks right?

I have to say I must have been watching a different game last week because from what I saw Kornegay was our weakest link last week. He got burned a few times that I noticed.