Kornegay's Cup Tweet

Another crazy little behind the scenes story from the Grey Cup, copied from the Winnipeg fan forum:

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:46 pm Post subject: Tad Kornegay Unbelievable
At halftime,Tad Kornegay pulled out his Blackberry and tweeted we got them Rider Nation lets finish them.I think when you got alledged professionals tweeting at halftime instead of preparing for the second half it helps explain why the Riders lost.Bob Irving said the word idiot comes to mind.

Ya maybe he was reflecting on his tweet and forgot how to play football.... maybe he was so impressed with his great tweet the whole team forgot to count so the couldnt tell they had too many bodies ....

Maybe he was suffering from blackberry finger and couldn't perform .....

hahaha was a good move gets the fans pumped up.

From tweet to defeat

Lol i hate twitter so much, I dont get this trend at all, but i guess whatever blows their hair back.

I'm not a big fan of twitter, but it would have taken him what, 15 seconds to type that?

What’s that saying? Counting your chickens before your eggs are hatched?

Maybe Kornegay is trying to get a date with the queen of Twitting. Kirsty Alley.

He's a bigger man than me 8)

lack of focus for 1/2 that time could cost you big time. If you watched the end of the grey cup game than you saw that.

Not doing much better as a roughrider than he did as a Ti-Cat, is he?

Actually, 2009 was statistically the best year of his career. Also, his team has been in the playoffs each of the last three years, including 2 Grey Cup appearances and a Grey Cup victory in 2007. How is that not significantly better?

You and I both........I just don't get this Twitter thing....of course nobody had really shown me how it works either. Everyone I know is still into Facebook including my kids and the rest of my family.

I think the term "tweeting" doesn't capture my imagination too much. I keep thinking of a song bird sitting on a tree branch....lol :lol: :lol:

Right on, safetyblitz.

Doctor_Rock, sources tell me you wrote notes in class and passed them to your class-mates
when the teacher was dropping pearls of wisdom and you managed to become a Doctor. :?

Half-time is not exam time, Doctor_Rock. :slight_smile: :smiley:

:) you really got me there, now "i" look real dumb. :)

I know it took him no time and it was half time and all that, but I think it makes him look like a big idiot now. If I were his coach I’d be so pissed off. Twitter should be the last thing on his mind during the Grey Cup. It’s actually pretty funny.

I have always liked Tad and I’m happy to see him having some success with the Riders, but this was a dumb move on his part.

Tina, you and I may not think it's right for the players
to tweet a message to all their fans in cyberspace

or, for that matter, to text friends and family
or listen to ungodly rap music on their Ipods

but if it is done after the coaches have said
all that they want to say about the 2nd half.

No harm, no foul, I guess,

I suspect many young tech addicted folks
can't comprehend what our problem is.


Doctor_Rock, I am glad you took my attempt at humour
in the way I intended it and weren't upset by it. Thanks.