Kornegay Placed On Waivers

8) TSN is reporting that Tad Kornegay has been placed on waivers.
   If he goes unclaimed by any other team, he will simply be released by all accounts.

    Kornegay is confirming this on his twitter account.

Why? Put Richie Hall on waivers - gaurantee no one will pick him up.

Kornegay also said he will be airing some dirty laundry today on his twitter account. Will be interesting to say the least.

Have we regressed back to the Roy and Danny days already?

I have a feeling that after these next few weeks, we would welcome those days back in a heartbeat.

According to the Saskatchewan roster of last week's game, Kornegay was a backup Cornerback to Tristan Jackson. This simply tells me that Kornegay was never really considered to be a starter in the first place, thus, being placed on waivers and subsequently released really won't be much of an issue with the team.
Being a Ticat fan, I'm not all that surprised by his release, since he did get burned "big-time" by Thigpen. There was an article by Drew Edwards in The Hamilton Spectator newspaper earlier this week that said that Kevin Glenn had made a comment about Kornegay getting beat by Thigpen. Glenn said that he keeps in touch with Kornegay and that he will always remind Tad about that play. I really doubt that he'll be doing any of that kind of ribbing now. Being released is not something you mock a player about.
In any case, it will be interesting to see what other things Saskatchewan tries to do to help themselves. Their defense certainly needs some serious bolstering, just for starters. I just hope that Greg Marshall has a better overall inaugural season with his new Head Coach job than what has transpired up to now. I do believe that he deserves to be a Head Coach. On a side note, I can imagine that Coach Marcel Bellefeuille in Hamilton is feeling much more relaxed this season with his new rookie Coordinators and not having a huge potential threat named Greg Marshall constantly looking over his shoulders! :cowboy:

Very surprised to see SSK cutting a 'young veteran' like Kornegay loose. I don't think he'll be out of work long.

Wow,, this is one assenine decision,, we are already hurting huge in injuries . and the talent level is somewhat suspect,, and now we are cutting one of our most versatile leaders/players.... amazing , and not in a good way.......... can you say 0-18 ?

this is a shocker

I have to think he voiced his displeasure on defensive strategy and is now gone.

If that was the case they should have made him DC.

i can only hope this is a sign they are freeing up cap room for something big, but i somehow doubt that is actually the case.

Doubt it as well ...... totally confounded.. bush bush bush move

It actually is for cap room but wheather thats for siging some one big is another question

It actually is for cap room but wheather thats for siging some one big is another question[/quote
I would think we have lots of cap room what with Bagg out for the season - Hawkins on the 9 gamer - we don't have Fantuz's contract either. Besides I don't know of any quality players that aren't playing already. I think this action was an ill-advised stunt to motivate the players and Tad was the sacrificial lamb.

Articles and insiders all say this was a team shakeup....except Taman.

Tad was not adjusting to his new position on the field. This Could be true I suppose, but the D on a whole looks like a Key Stone Cops parody.

So Tad's now a scapegoat, and Richie Hall gets another reprieve. These types of things are to be expected in an Old Boys Club..............................Remember Jim Daley and the unwavering support from Miller, right to the better end.

Read into this further.

Your best defensive players need to play better, and lead by example. I missed the match on Saturday but last night I was able to watch and rewind alot of plays. here is my skinny:

  1. Interior Shologan and Dario played better. I hope they are adjusting to one another, after three games. They clogged the middle well. Running yards were not rammed down threr throats. Dario got a sack late in the game.
  2. DE's. Willis gets benefit of doubt, I deem him a new guy. Montez can't play anymore. He made no plays. Fotr a tall guy he can't even figure out when to get his arms up to obstruct passing lanes and knock some balls away. He's always a stepor tewo away from making a play? Mullinder is not a DE either, but he'll play the same or maybe with more heart than Montex.....an Mullinder is non-import. Play Luc, get Shomari some reps and wait for 30 days for some NFL cuts.
  3. Barrin was good. But he has to be great. His is an older vet, we need more out of his gas tank. He missed one tackle as well. Lucas played well, got slightly beat on a few plays but he has a very difficult job at weakside LB. Jerrell, is a beast and we need to find more ways to blitz him effectively (are blitzes are not very effective right now).
  4. Butler should have had an INT but got hammered by Kye Sytewart. We gotta make those plays!!!
  5. Two facemask calls looked pretty weak, One on Willis and one on Jerrell.............yet DD got his helmet grabbed the same way and no-call???????? Those 15 yarders are hard to take and on both plays we just shut them down on 2nd down?
  6. Frazier needs to be better. He played average, like Simpson, he needs to be excellent and he's a leader out there.
  7. McKenzie played well. Didn't see much of Nick Graham.
  8. Tad got rocked by Thigpen and failed to make the play. First quarter on a 2nd and short he took the play off and Hamilton went deep and if the receiver could catch, would have been 7 points.
  9. #29 another rookie Cdn looked okay. He was around the ball.

With Tad out I predict Eddie Russ will move in. I have no idea if we can get Partick back at safety and I don't want the Riders to experiment with him at corner? Patrick at safety and Russ on the corner. If Mullinder plays DE that might be the ratio flexibility we need. The only injury we have in DB's is Patrick...........and I hope he's ready to move back onto roster.

Kevin Glenn was passes were out after 2 steamboats. Some rare throws were out after 2.5 or 3? When DD was struggling in 1st half he was easily 3 steamboats or more. In the second half he started to get it out after 2 or 2.5 and we started to see the offense start some signs of life. The INT's killed DD in the second half............but at least some positive momentum.

Wow if Taman didnt look like a "dimwitty" before, he sure does now... i dont see any Postives to this move. now the chemistry and the voice in secondary is gone! other than that your putting more presure on the guys and breaking up that special bond we had going since tillman came in... I feel its gonna get worse before it gets better, taman is gonna point fingers and make moves all season and by the end of it, its gonna be a much different looking team.. Get rid of him berry n marshall quit sacrificing the verterans!
someone upstairs needs to see the real issues here and its not the players, especially the vets!
taman in a football sense has come in and given his team a long field to work with.
created more problems then there ever was and now they dont kno where to start, so they get rid of the best
BOOOOOO TAMAN, focuses as much effort on his appearance as he does his team!

Taman says that this cut was not a message. He says it was a cap cut. Well, unless he uses that cap space for a serious signing in the next day or two HE'S LYING and should be fired.

How's that for some dirty laundry?

I don't have a problem that Kornegay was cut. I like the guy. But too many times he launches his body without wrapping. This was a big issue against Hamilton. He has great wheels and ball pursuit and has been an effective player but his technique has been costly at times.

What I don't like is the blame game. That was a message cut to the locker room. Taman is blaming his players for the fact that he can't/won't sign a rush end. Taman says that Kornegay was hurt in camp and was playing a position that he was not comfortable with? That's crap. HALL MOVED HIM BACK TO DB BECAUSE THAT WAS HIS NATURAL POSITION!

Taman needs DBs. He just cut one. Same day Jerome Dennis moves to BC. If Wally can find a DB why can't Taman? If Wally could find Jonathan Brown last year (a RUSH END!) why couldn't Taman?

My BS meter is off the charts right now.

If Kornegay was move for cap space then I want to see the new guy that the space is used for. R F N !

[url=http://sports.ca.msn.com/cfl/news/cbc-article.aspx?cp-documentid=29594319]http://sports.ca.msn.com/cfl/news/cbc-a ... d=29594319[/url]

Taman did Quote a reply in this article.