Kornegay a Stamp...

[url=http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/Stamps+give+Kornegay+chance+taming+Lions/6978210/story.html]http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/Sta ... story.html[/url]

...interesting, just in time for the BC matchup

yes, very interesting indeed RW.
always thought Tad had great technical/cerebral skills, thus he should help the Stamps immediately.

A shame the Cats didn't pick him up earlier, although their secondary has shown improvement in recent weeks.

I'd be looking for a replacement for Fraser. Maybe Huff's going to be moving bodies around. Fraser is a liability back there. I've never seen someone lunge for and miss tackles more than Fraser. Brutal.

Great move by the Stamps......very good player. Wish Riders would have picked him up .

He is best suited to be a cover guy from the outside linebacker spot... he is not very good as a DB though...

He was released by the Cats then spent time on Sask, BC and now Calgary. There is a reason for that

He was good here for the most part.

Rumor has it that Kornegay will battle it out for the safety position with another competitor in order to replace Fraser. Here's a photo of Fraser's possible replacement warming up.

IIRC, Taman stated at the time that the Kornegay move was largely concerned with his salary. He was well-liked in the locker room and the fan base wasn't happy to see him go. I've never heard disparaging comments about his presence in the locker room, and there's no doubt he can play. Maybe he just had to lower the asking price.

I wouldn't mind seeing him back in green and white. He's gotta be better than that Graham pylon we have out on the field now.