Kori Dickerson

Not a lot has been said about Dickerson making the team. Was he not considered a long shot to make the club after being switched from fullback to his college position of defensive end?

Obviously he is great athlete to beat those odds. A player worth watching this season.

I thought Dickerson looked really good in the preseason game versus Toronto, though I'm not sure he actually got any sacks. It looked like the blue guys resorted to holding him a fair bit, though it wasn't being called.

P.S. Your screen name makes smoke come out my ears. That dude was fun to watch, but he was totally on the wrong team. :wink:

I heard right through training camp that Kori was showing great athletic ability and perseverance at his new position.

I had the impression that although he had a lot to learn, he was doing well.

Dickerson has a great attitude says he'll play any position just to play football, always happy. The kind of player you want around.

8) Kori is not only an outstanding athlete, his versitility makes him a valuable commodity on this football team !!!
When you can start on both sides of the ball, you are a keeper for sure !!!!

When you look at the roster on Cats site,it's difficult to say who will be in or out; they still have 52 players,although we officially know that Barker and Bekasiak were transferred to the injury list. 50 players remain,meaning that 4 more have to be excluded from this list. the 50 include 28 I and 22 N

Regarding DL, there are 5 I on this list; definitely no more than 4 will be dressed for the game; Kori could be out.

With regards to receivers, there are 5 I and 3 N ,including Bauman who is "apparently" hurt; not much depth on the N side.

Obie has said all along that they plan to start 5 I DB and 4 I Wr/SB; if so, the 17 starting players could be: 1 QB, 2 OL,4WR/SB,3 DL,2LB and 5 DB; if such, no room for I RB to start, meaning that Caully or Smith will not play. The remainder of active/game day Imports should/will be: 2 QB, I RB,1 WR, I DL, I K and 1 DB. No import reserve at LB.

Ticats fan don't put your goal too high, because you will be disappointed. I don't see how they could be better than 4th.


Correction to my previous comments.

The remainder of imports shall be 5 and not 7 as I have detailled.

These 5 will be: 2 QB,I Wr, I RB,I K/P and 1 amongst DL,DB. Does not look good.

My Als have much more flexibility; if you have to start 5 I DB and 4 I WR/SB,like the Cats, it shows that you Non-Import talent at these positions is weak.


Kori is a versatile athlete as mentioned often; I won't be surprised if he eventually has a lot of success at DE.
As I mentioned before, the last player converted into a DE was Joe Montford. Not saying Kori will be another Joe, but he sure is quick off the line. Maybe he'll end up being a second and long rush DE specialist.


I think the guy has the potential to be our answer to the Al's Anwar Stewart.......a real throwback who is effective in multiple situations on both sides of the line

You definately have to make room for a guy like Kori. He's got the skills and the attitude and (as a side benefit) he's a really funny guy.

I'm glad he showed the Ticats that he wasn't expendable.

Agreed BG Talk about Great guy locker room
Someone who Can Play DE TE FB and Maybe DT.
Great Kid.. Glad He Made it

I heard he was the next Andy Petek.

Thanks so much for your uninformed and mildly bashing analysis of our T-Cats. I can now sleep better knowing how some random Als fan feels about our Cats.

A 240lb guy will never be able to play DT other than maybe in high school. I even consider him a bit small for a DE but he did make the team at that position.

This guy should be playing on Offence, he was unstoppable last year out of the backfield. He is a good receiver and when he took a swing pass - look out. Also a great blocker.
Why isn't he the full back?

Unstoppable? What?! lol the guy was an average fullback and seems to be a way better end and is capable of being a hybrid type guy like Anwar Stewart. He has great hands for an end so I expect them to drop him back into coverage with zone blitzes and stuff.

I do not see how they can be worst than 4th...so there.

Why would Caulley or Smith start when Lumsden at Non-Import is our #1 guy??

We are heading up the elevator, and the Als are going down.....maybe this year