Kori Dickerson Predicts 11 Wins This Season

I'm surprised/shocked no one did.

I would not say that is not a fact at all and I'd say that kind of mentallity is what I hate most about this country.

Of course not.
No one has yet to screw up enough courage to try and shoot down any sign confidence from a player.

Eeesh…I don’t like when players start making predictions. Just seems to blow up on them. Good on them for being confident though.

As for the Canadian rule – I think it needs to stay pretty much where it is. I almost wish there was a way to have an addition roster spot that could be given specifically to Canuck QB’s. So it wouldn’t really cost a team to take a chance on some CIS slingers.

I don’t think we have the depth of talent pool up here to up the CanCon much more – which is cool. Its a Canadian league, has been funded by the government, and should ensure there’s opportunities for Canadians to play in it.

Those same kids wont watch the nfl I guess then.

In '98 we improved over '97 by 10 wins and went to the Grey Cup.