Kori Dickerson no Rocky Dipietro.......Or is he?

Man, it was great watching Rocky play. A solid Steeltown tough Slotback who was a near guarantee for Tom Clemens when it was 2nd and long. His straight up the gut, 7 yard pass receptions followed by 3 yard runs that took 2 and 3 guys to finally bring him down.(sometimes he would just bulldoze over the quivering safety waiting for him) proved to be a formidible weapon.

Haven't seen a slotback with this Steeltown tough style in many many years..........Until now. Seeing Kori Dickerson running up the middle after a 7 yard completion only to punish a waiting defender is sweet to watch and reminds me of Rocky Dipietro. This is one tough team.

Am I off base here?

No, you are not off base. I mentioned on another post about this guy's blocking ability and the real unsung hero of the win agains Winnipeg. If not for Korey Dickerson, Lumsden would not have rushed for 211 yards. On the first long run and TD by Lumsden, Dickerson knocked over TWO Bombers allowing Lumsden to run through. On the second long TD on the opposite side, Dickerson knocked over a Bomber tackler and the whole opened right up.

Good points and observations. Dickerson has a good 40-50 pounds on DiPietro. Kori weighs about 245-250 so even if he just bumps into a guy it will be an impact.

In the 80's some O line guys were Kori's size but now it seems 280 is the minimum.

So would you guys say Dickerson is a better blocker than Radelin?

I think Dickerson has been the most pleasant surprise for our offence. Big, strong and fast with good hands and good blocking ability. A great weapon to have for sure.

I think Kori's size and agility really helps his blocking. So I guess I would say Kori is a better blocker. I like Julien but Kori is a better all around football player and a little more versatile. More of an H-back/tight end, whereas Julien is more of a traditional fullback.

Starting Kori Dickerson is one of the nice perks of having a Canadian starting at tailback.

  • paul

I like this guy,(Dickerson) and share the school of thought that he is a great blocker.
I hope he is allowed more touches in future games as a pass receiver as well. He isn't particularly fast, but he has good hands and hits like a train.

IMO-TiCats should draft -Warburton-in 2008-he could be the next R.D.ie-
“Huskies quarterback Erik Glavic threw for 214 yards- while Ryan Warburton hauled in seven balls for 129 yards.”!!!