Korey Sheets chasing Pringle

And the Riders haven't even played us yet.... :oops:

Its a long season. That's one of the toughest records to break in the CFL IMO.

If our defence doesnt improve,especially our run defence,I can see Sheets being close to a 1000 yards after week 5.Early canditate for league MVP.The guy is a total beast!!!.Definetly going to be tough to stop him let alone slow him down.

Sheets does not possess blazing speed, yet is one of the most elusive backs to grace the CFL in recent memory, while averaging near 7 yards per carry.
Not to mention he is a true dual threat to boot.

no question the man has incredible field vision and can spot the gaps like no other at the moment.
(with a little help from LaBatte of course)

What I saw is a really, really good offensive line.

Sask does have a good offensive line although on many an occasion Sheets circumvented a clogged line with elusive improvisation.

Hopefully this record doesn't become a talking point unless he's within reach around week 14 or 15. Running backs are like everyone, they have hot streaks and it's super premature to be discussing a record that's extremely difficult to reach. All it takes is one bad game where he gets 20 yards which can happen to anyone in this league, and it squashes it.

didn't see the breakdown of his rushes, i know he had 20 for 178* (170something?) had at least one big run for 37... taking away his big time runs what was his avg?

i ask this because of the lumsden effect back in the day, 2.0 rushing avg on most attempts then would rail off two or three at 50-80 yards and end up with incredible but highly ineffective numbers.

Sheets doesn't exactly seem like an all or nothing guy, but it's something to look at with most backs.

That's what is so great about his play in 3 games is he's getting big plays, getting the tough yards and some out of nothing.