Kordell Stewert

The thread about -Bill Cowher - Bring him to Hamilton- , what did Cowher do with Kordell, , is he still playing , could he be available?, IMO his strengths Suite the CFL, Eh

I think the guy is already a multimillionaire and has been living the good life since leaving the NFL for him to get back in shape, particularly CFL shape, and perform well enough.

But, what the heck, let's bring him to Hamilton anyway. :lol:

Bill Cowler would look great in hamilton but he demands a 5 million a season contract!As of Stewart any thing is better then Maas I guess!

sorry to tell this but Kordell is Retired.
He also Do Pro's vs Joes..

Kordel is not retired, he was on the score the other day saying he is looking for employment in the NFL. I don't think he wants to come up here, it would take a lot of effort to convince him and I'm sure everyone here knows Marcel's stance on that.