Kool-Aid Drinker Stephen Brunt!!!!

berezin, Brunt has had season tickets for the TiCats in the past, not sure if he still does but might. He's not a bad guy, he has to write stories that are going to be controversial, just like anyone. Let's not paint him as some sort of anti-Canadian just because he writes a sports story that doesn't agree with you. Heck, I've seen some Canadian NHL stories that paint the game as a violent, non-disciplined game that parents shouldn't put their kids into. And hockey is our no. 1 sport afterall for most out there.

Oh sure I heard him say the same thing about still having season tickets, living in Hamilton and being proud of it.
But and at the same token he is a turncoat and is the prime definition of pro NFL, in fact I do not recall him ever slag that league in print while it is common place to find anything and everything wrong with our league.
These kind of people we do not need and must call out when it happens.

Yeah Brunt annoys me. He's a tool. He always tries to brag about how he loves Hamilton and how he's a big Ti-Cats fan.Yet the only time he writes about them is for negative things. Yet he never says anything negative about the NFL, and makes retarded excuses as to why Toronto doesn't care about the Bills in Toronto series. He's a joke. Instead of spinning stories, how about he comes out and OWNS the fact he was WRONG about the whole Bills in Toronto thing.

The guy is a dork and proves that you don't have to be smart to be a journalist (not saying journalist are dumb).

Look guys, let's face facts, reporters in southern Ontario are getting greased BIG TIME, I REPEAT BIG TIME, by Rogers to pump up the Jays (BTW all the best to the Jays, I don't wish bad on them and hope they can win the thing again, I'm just not a big baseball fan that's all and Rogers owning them doesn't help in the least) and the NFL thing as much as possible, you have to know this. MLSE has the main market with the Leafs, they got it and Rogers doesn't. Now MLSE has this TFC thingy that is making them some good cashola. Blue Jays lose money, NFL Bills thingy in Toronto loses money, Rogers is going down faster than a bullet with sports in Toronto vs MLSE.

Put yourself in Brunt's shoes who is getting greased by Rogers, and other journalists I'm sure, to just keep pumping away positive after positve for the Bills thingy and Jays. I'd be careful what I write.

Look, my buddy, late great buddy who died of cancer at 41, God bless his soul, worked in the media biz for a while and said it's as sleazy as it gets. This guy was a great guy, well read, educated, good Christian boy, believed in morals, ethics you name it. He said the business wreaks of slime buckets, not so much the journalists themselves but the people who have the power in the media and you don't do it their way, you're out. Remember, Rogers is a media company, MLSE not as much.

Let's give the journalists a bit of a break even if they say the CFL is this or that or whatever. They have a family to feed and if a company like Rogers is providing big perks to write this or that, can you blame them. Look, I didn't go into sports journalism or the big biz field, I wouldn't last a second because guess what, I'd tell it like it is and not last a minute. It's not about history and tradition of Canadiana, it's about business and look how much Rogers is losing on the Bills thing, you have to know that for every article that spins the thing positive, Rogers is giving a Christmas bonus nicely to whoever writes the article. It's a gutter business. All about money. Screw anything else a company will say. And this isn't to slag Ted Rogers himself, he was a visionary, but a visionary in what? Business, the media business. Nothing more, nothing less. And he has my full respect in this regard, brought new products to the front for consumers and made one heck of a lot of money. And kudos to him, I wish I was as smart as him, combining of course my love for Canadian iconic things such as the Canadian football and our Grey Cup and that. He didn't quite "get" these things, but then even the "best" can't be perfect in everything. :wink:

God rest your soul Ted, we love you just the same.

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One more thing. Ted Rogers was a great Torontonian, no question, and a very good Canadian despite the fact that he centered himself very much as Toronto AS Canada.

You are going to defend a guy who was still alive when the police in Toronto were paid to keep the protesters away from Skydome when the original preseason game was played against Pittsburg...
Your talking about Rogers that for as long as I can remember on their Sportsnet website.. if you type"TSN" into the measage board you get ***
Rogers has always been about controling the message.
These policies were in place long before the old man kicked the bucket.
When I seen the last Bills game in Toronto did anyone notice how the endzone seats were givin away in one section to some kind of guys in uniform... but the section beside it right behind the field goal posts had a bunch of empty seats that were green?
If I lived in Toronto ... i would organize something where 20 of my freinds and I all got either free or discounted tickets for that section. We would all go though security with T-Shirts on but once we were inside and a short field goal or point after was attempted... We'd all remove our shirts and our painted chests would read... "Death to the NFL in Canada"
That would be awsome...
If some corporation ever tryed some stunt like this in Europe.... You would see moltov cocktails being thrown before games.... Could you only imagine if the EPL tryed to place teams in Scotland and basicly shut down the Scotish league... People would die...
Yet here in Canada..it's just ho hum and we bend over and take it..
I think my painted chest idea is tame compared to what else would go on around the globe in a similar circumstance.

I don't know about this Earl.
He may have donated a lot of money and helped the poor for all we know.
But, if there was ever a guy who showed disdain for the customer, or the common man there is no one better.
You remember a few years back during the great cable caper and most Canadians went ballistics over a few dollars on their bill about "negative option billing". Boy, I wish we would have the same passion against the crooked politicians every time a new tax or a scandal is uncovered.
How about a couple years back when Rogers sat during the press conference to announce the Bills in Toronto and snickered at the media when someone asked good old Ted whether there was going to be an "affordable ticket". He sarcastically said "yea there will be two tickets under $100".
The man may have been a shrewed businessman, no I would call him a bully and there were many personal stories on him about being a cold heartless person to work for. A Scrooge in modern day?
Sure it's never good to talk about the dead and or provide respect, but Ted Rogers I am not sure his memory deserves any.
No and this is really not because of what he tried to do with our CFL either.

You are going to defend a guy who was still alive when the police in Toronto were paid to keep the protesters away from Skydome when the original preseason game was played against Pittsburg..

You do have a point there CFL I will admit. :thup:

Shows how much control a huge corporation like Rogers has, even on a city and their police. And that in a supposedly democratic country like ours. Scary stuff. What country do we live in I sometimes think to myself. :cry: