Kool-Aid Drinker Stephen Brunt!!!!

This is funny as hell!!! Enjoy!!!


Click on the 4 pm broadcast for Dec 4th...
Check out the one from a few days before when Bob Young tells Brunt,"YOU SOLD OUT"
This Brunt clown is an idiot...
It's sad we have Americans like McCown who can see the forrest through the trees...yet it is our own citizens from the big smoke that betray us...
The Argos should just pull their team from Toronto...
After last night... I have a better chance of becoming prime minister of Canada then the NFL does of ever putting a team in Toronto...........

Its nice to hear some feedback other than the usual T.O media NFL outlook

If you write these writer personally and attack them...thet honestly change their tune...

I have been doing it for years and have actually had my thoughts expressed in some of their articles...
Of course they disparage my ideas in their articles... but in the feedback section they are told that they are idiots...
If you read Brunts colums nowadays (no point they are garbage) most of the posts ignore his article and simply attack his journalist integrity.
It's sad that we have so many media persoalities in this country (mostly cocentrated in Toronto) that are total hacks.

those geeks at the fan590 wouldn't know good football if it slapped them in the face, forget them, they're a bunch of fools,
the buffalo bills and nfl don't give a rats ass about brunt, the nfl only cares about money and more money.

Canada is a joke to most Americans and that includes Toronto, I think most media people realize that anyway. They think we're all just mainly hockey puck heads and snow and ice. Sure, some down there get there is some money up here but they realize that Canadians can be fickle when it comes to anything but hockey in terms of real loyalty and paying decent bucks for tickets. Expos, Grizzlies found that out and lots of A,AA, AAA baseball teams. Even our own CFL has had some near death experiences in the past.

Many, if not most American people get what Canada is all about, but it's the HORRIBLE, parochial media we have in this country (NPR excepted) that pushes an ignorant view of Canada. And it's been going on for centuries. The only light at the end of the tunnel is the internet and social networking and the splintering of news sources. People are free to get their news from pretty much anywhere now, unlike the old days, and I believe this is having a positive effect on peoples' impression of Canada. Big media will always cow-tow to ratings and therefore it will be All-America ra ra all the time, but big media is feeling the pinch from news conglomerates like Google and Yahoo. There has never been more choice in news than there is now, and attitudes will change as long as this information diversity continues.

Sadly many Canadians have an inferiority complex. I have no idea why.

To heck with Americans.

I don't care if they like hockey and I don't want their brand of football north of the border.

Toronto wants an NFL team because they don't have one. If they had one they would not care. Just look at the Blue Jays (you can't give the tickets away), the Raptors (if Leaf season tickets holder were not required to buy Raptor season tickets their season tickets sales would be pathetic) and the Argos (great football, poor support).

There is a old saying in Canada when it comes to sports. It especially applies to Toronto... No Pucks, No Bucks.

Why does everyone keep saying the Argos get poor support? Sure it could be a bit better in a city of that size, but in comparison with other teams in the league, and especially when you consider they have had 2 very poor seasons in a row, they are doing just fine.

it seems like the argos do alirght considering how many few games they win.

The Argos get what, 25K a game without even trying? They’d do great if they could put together a sustained competitive franchise.

They averaged over 26,000 this season and in years with a winning record they've averaged over 30,000 I believe.

Not to mention a few 44,000+ playoff games between 2004 and 2007..

The disappointment with the Argos is that they had 2 stadium projects fall through this decade. Had they been playing since 2006 in a 25,000 seat stadium, the value of an Argo ticket would be at least 2 fold what it is today. There would be a season ticket waiting list like the Als and TFC. Their playoff games (presumably to be held at Rogers Centre like the Als at the Big O) would sell out at 52,000+.

No question they messed up on potential opportunities. But also in some respects they were/are between a rock and a hardplace in Toronto, not exactly the same as Montreal. In Toronto you have two giants in Rogers and MLSE fighting it out and the Argos were/are dead smack in the middle of the contest.

Brunt is one of the biggest pro NFL and anti CFL media guys around.
I remember when this Bills to Toronto fiasco was signed and how all of these clowns including Rogers said a lottery was necessary for fans to get the right to buy tickets and how they would be gobbled up in minutes regardless of the price.
It's sad though how such clowns inclusive of Brunt continuously cherish less and less of what little we still have in this country that is still Canadian.
Although an argument can be made how the citizens are starting to wake up as the TV numbers for the year and especially during the GC would attest.

Just for fun go to google and type in "Bills coming to Toronto", or "NFL threathens CFL".
YOu'll get all kinds of articles from a couple of years ago from the likes of Dave Perkins, Bruce Arthur,
Brunt, CP, etc etc etc.
And every article is the same basically.
The Bills will sellout every game regardless of the price.
The CFL better bow and get out of the way.
The future of the CFL is in jeopardy.
And funny how most of these guys seemed to relish the idea of the CFL dying.
Perkins even wrote how they would sell 50,000 seat licenses at 10,000 bucks a pop to pay
for the new stadium, believe it or not!
Whats more amazing is is despite being so specatacularily wrong, these guys still have
their jobs.
Figure that one out?

Ya its almost funny berezin.
Isn't it also sad how so far not one that at least I have read from these clowns "who know better" have come out and actually said they were wrong.
Just more excuses like Naylor recently writing basically saying this was deemed to failure because "as we know" this is not Toronto's team and the fans have no attachment? The Bills are a crap team etc......
In the memory of Jim Jones, the biggest Kool-aid drinker of all.
Lies, lies and more lies.

If someone in Toronto buys the Bills or whatever NFL team and moves them to Toronto, even in a not so great football stadium like the RC, it will be packed for every game as long as ticket prices are reasonable. At that point, the NFL is in Toronto with their own team. Let's just hope and pray this never happens. Unless the CFL and Argos or whatever CFL team is in Toronto and Hamilton can have a direct benefit of an NFL team in Toronto. I do know that the Bills series has cemented in me more and more my devotion to our CFL so that is good and I think some others out there feel the same.

They were saying they'd pack the Skydome regardless of the teams and ticket prices.
Now they're blaming the lack of tailgating and a home team?
First there's nobody out there now who will risk 2 billion on an American football team.
Rogers in my prediction will get out of the sports business completely.
Larry Tannenbaum is a lightweight.
And Paul Godfrey is a half wit.
But even if they spent all that money for a team and a new stadium, I doubt if they did they could sellout a 75,000 seat stadium every week.
Football is just not that big in this country to be able to sell out a stadium that big consistently.
They could for a big game like the Grey Cup. But for run of the mill regualar season games?
I doubt it severely.

berezin, while Larry Tanenbaum on his own can't do an NFL team plus new stadium (an he may no longer be all that interested in the NFL in Toronto actually), let's not rag on him. You realize he was at the CFL Awards Ceremony and we might just have a new friend who could easily own a CFL and build a $150 mill stadium with his own money easily. Not saying this will happen, but it could. Let's wait and see what Larry T is all about going to the CFL Awards ceremony, he could be a CFL friend now.