Kojo Aidoo

Accodring to the spect today, Holmes sprained his knee, Anthony Davis had has surgery, Josh Ranek is still hampered by that leg injury, and Radlien snt fully recovered. This leaves us with only one healthy back and that Aidoo. I dont know about you guys, but im excited to see this guy play more. He was great at Mac and last year thoe few times he got the ball he showed what he could do. Now is his time to shine and i cant wait to see it!

There's Ko-jo in this house!! There's Ko-jo in this House!!

I'm down with the whole scene.

i hope we get to see him. he wont leave anyone disapointed. he has some crazy skills

yeh i cant wait, i think hes awsome

Do you guys know if he is forsurely starting?

I think Ranek is actually starting, but still banged up.

all i know is i wanna see our WIde outs used more

its about time he gets to do something other than special teams! :slight_smile:

to bad, danek and radlien r the big rigs for tn.. not impressed, honestly with ranek latley.. he jus either isnt be used right or he has lost his touch

He's been playing injured since the first play of the first game...

then he shouldnt be in there we have a healthy kojo who is dyrin to play

sigh He sat out the the rest of the first game, and was supposed to be used sparingly in the second to see how well his injury would hold up. He ended up taking more reps than they wanted because Holmes also got hurt in the second half. And Holmes and Ranek line up in different positions than Aidoo, a fullback, lines up at. Doesn't mean he can't do the job, but that he doesn't get the reps in practice; that leads to handoffs going sideways and missed assignments.

Seriously, it's not always as simple as you think.