Koch vs Tasker

According to the depth chart and Drew's report, Tasker will sit because of Ellingson's return. Koch will hold for Medlock. Why not sit Koch?

I believe that Koch was signed to be the speedier depth receiver - faster than both Ellingson and Tasker. However it does seem strange that when Tasker and Medlock re just nicely getting used to working together, they are voluntarily (not due to injury) switching the holder to get Ellingson in the game. It takes time for that chemistry and trust to develop between kicker and holder so hopefully there will be no downside to having a different holder. With luck the Ticats will be scoring more TDs and NOT kicking many FGs! :slight_smile:

Basically what you just said it comes down to speed on the outside. Tasker sits cuz Ellingson>Tasker.

Nice problem to have though. Lots of depth at wr/sb.

Nice to see Greg back.

Sorry, I just haven't seen this deep threat from Koch. IMHO Tasker has better hands

Defences aren’t going to respect the deep threat until our QB demonstrates the ability to hit it. They’re going to have to try a few early in the game. Getting one early could put BC’s secondary in a permanent backpeddle for the rest of the game. But, it all depends on the o-line. Can it provide the time for the deep route to open up?

But I agree that Tasker seems to have better hands than Koch, and seems to be able to find open space better as well.

Whatever happened to Giguere’s supposed speed?

BC has some pretty decent and big guys in the D secondary. Tasker is 5' 11" and fast. Ellingson is 6' 3" but not as fast as Tasker. Koch is 6' and probably faster than both Tasker and Ellingson. Maybe Austin and "coach O" see something in the BC D that they think they can exploit with a taller, bigger inside receiver, while still maintaining the outside speed. Could be they want to have some extra beef in the short to intermediate passing game to help LeFeavor who has struggled to get the ball deep. A bit bigger of a security blanket if you will. That and both Fantuz and Ellingson have shown themselves to be decent in the blocking game so maybe C.J. gets more touches and the bigger slots help out in the run game. Maybe all of the above. Or, maybe Bob said "hey we're paying this Ellingson guy more than that Tasker kid and Ellingson's been on the bench. 'Get him out there!!!" Probably not that though.

The team lacks a north-south passing game. Austin must be hoping Ellingson has a better chance of going deep than the others. And it isn't just about speed.

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Think it's more that Koch fills a role that isn't already being filled by Fantuz and Fantwaitithinkthatsellingson.

See Lefevour, Dan.

Not in favor of Tasker sitting, lots of talent young and still developing, should be in there.

I agree he does have better hands ( from the little we’ve seen)

If Tasker was faster though he would be starting at wideout

"Good hands" ?
Tasker has dropped a pass in every game he's played this year. Plus the botched snap for a game tying FG. He's usefull but lets not go nuts here.

Both players have good hands for catching the ball but the edge go's to Koch on speed and experience, Tasker has excellent route running, I think Austin just wants to mix it up and see how the receivers respond this time it's Koch, Ellingson, Fantuz, Grant hopefully they can open up the game and stretch the field in the Cats favour.

Of all the team's receivers, I like Koch the best. He is a warrior. Not only can he catch, he fights for the ball. Decent speed too.

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Koch is preferable just for the fact he has good speed. If we could ever get Banks to be consistent, we would have a legimate burner. I think Gable motioning into the slot in certain sets gives us some matchup advantages, but ideally you want a slot receiver who can go over the top and can scare the crap out of the safety and cause your wideout(s) to have single coverage deep at key times. Think prime Winfield and more recently Marcus Thigpen when he was shifted from RB to slot and you have a recipe for giving one's deep passing game some dynamism.

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