C.P.- In a stunning announcement, Kobe Bryant has left the L.A. Lakers to join the Canadian Football League's Saskatchewan Roughriders! "My decision is based on the poor treatment I received from management in L.A. and my belief I can become a football superstar", said Bryant. The story was spilled by Toronto columnist Marty York who apparently set up talks with Eric Tillman. Bryant is expected to fill in for injured Rider Dominguez. "Kobe played touch football in Italy and we feel he will make us tougher especially against the hated BC Lions", said Tillman. Bryant is expected to drive to Saskatchewan in his Hummer this weekend. "I was intrigued by this prairie town and by Gainer the Gopher the mascot," said Bryant. "Besides", said Bryant, "I always wanted to meet Troy Westwood." :cowboy:

Yeah LA is being pretty stupid with him.. Either trade for a guy like Shawn Marion, or Jermaine O'Neal...And if not that, then trade Kobe

Im suprised Rodman didnt try to play football, he probably never thought of it.