Knowlton Works Out With Minnesota Vikings

Drew Edwards reports that Markeith Knowlton, who is entering his option year, had a workout with the Minnesota Vikings last week.

As much as this pains me, I truly do wish MK all the best with his tryout. He is an amazing player and a great guy and I wouldn't begrudge him the chance to make $$ south of the border. As long as he comes back here to us if it doesn't work out.

The article mentions that he is entering the option year of his contract and as such is free to sign with an NFL team. Correct me if I’m wrong, but, this policy was initiated when the NFL and CFL had an agreement whereby the NFL would provide the CFL with an annual dollar amount. I don’t believe that this agreement is still in force, so why, if the CFL no longer receives compensation, are players still free to sign with the NFL when entering their option year? Aren’t they contractually tied to their CFL team? Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for Markeith and wish him nothing but the best.

The Reason they not Enforcing The Deals is a Player Will sign knowing if they play well the Still make the NFL Some day .
It helps us sign player who never come to Canada Otherwise.

Odds are the Vikings aren’t the only team interested in him.

An expression my Grandpa used to say applies to Knowlton. He is too light for hevay work and too heavy for light work.
Great CFL player but what position would he play in the NFL other than special teams?


Most CFL LB's are converted safeties.


Knowlton covered a lot of inside receivers this year. He doesn't really have the bulk to play LB in the NFL but he would be a nice compliment in Nickel and Dime and Cover 3 packages.

This is what sucks about the CFL. Most guys are only with your for a year or two max. A lot of Americans still hold onto that NFL dream. Sure it's nice to play and be successful in Hamilton but really, where would you rather play? Even as a Canadian, I would rather make the money in NFL and play half as many years and retire with a nice pension. It just makes sense.

This is where Obie the scout needs to really come into play. Ray or Auggie aren't going to be able to fill his shoes. He needs to find 2 more guys like Markeith.

All the best to MK. Someone will pick him up with the way he played this year.

Maybe LB factory B.C. has an extra guy.....again :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how Knowlton's injured knee held up during the "Six royals" workout. He was gutting it out with the TiCats in the last games of the year. Good luck to him but here's hoping Markeith signs a longterm deal with the Cats. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Please give us the names of just 20 American players who left for the NFL, never came back, and the CFL team was worse off without them.

I'm not saying it doesn't happen, and I realize it would be difficult to replace MK, but give me the names.

I agree with the posters who say that, if we were to enforce the contracts, even though the NFL-CFL agreement is dead, we would have more difficulty signing American players. I believe a lot who sign with a CFL team it is with the hope that, after a year or two, they will get an NFL try-out and will make it in the NFL.

On his CHCH-TV sportscast tonight, Ken Welch played a short clip of an interview with Bob O'Billovich who said that Markeith Knowlton will only sign with an NFL team if he gets a serious chance at making the team rather than being an extra body at training camp.

Welch also noted that, within the next week or so, Geoff Tisdale will work out for the Miami Dolphins and Bo Smith will work out for the New York Jets.


Bo smith playing for the NY jets


He can go.He played pretty damn badly for mostly the entire season, same with Tisdale.Tisdale i'd just keep as veteran assurance though.

Just great.

Obviously the Jets saw something that some of the know-it-alls around here didn't in Bo. I wish them good luck, but hope to see them back next season. :smiley:

IF!!! MK ends up in the NFL, Would that not Be a decent salary dump? would make some room come F.A time! Im glad to see he would rather make a little less, and play the game here in the CFL Vs make a little more n sit on the Practise squad and NOT play! THAT is true love of the game! But, cant say i blame him if he makes the active roster!!! A few of us know Dillan A, and talking to him he told me M.K is VERRY nice! So i wish the BEST of luck...event ho i hope he stays a tabbie!

Tisdale work on for the Dolphins

I hope we don't lose any of the three mentioned cause were way worse off without each of them.

I'm Worried Also .. Losing Mashall Knowlton and Tisdale

What would are D b like in 2010?

Not to mention the possible retirement of AB3 :?

don't see why Bruce would want to quit at this point....he had a good 2009, is still young and lets face it, he enjoys being in the limelight.

But if he goes, I really think that the Cats should go after Kerry Watkins, who is rumoured to want to sign a CLUB WHERE HE would be clearly a number 1 receiver. In Mtl, it looks like Richardson is taking over as the go-to guy.