Knowlton signs extension

Finally, we make a move!

[url=] ... wlton.html[/url]

Now lets lock up some of our free agents.

Great news!!!

I saw this as a top priority! Great news!!!

Massive re-signing, good to have the MO Defensive player back :thup:

Finally some GOOD news !!! Knowlton Signing

We have been overwhelmed with bad news around the whole stadium fiasco and of course Marshall leaving as our Defensive Co-ordinator leaving us with Calagry's DB coach as our Defensive Co-ordiantor . We also have the news of Mcintyre getting 3 NFL teams looking at him ..I hope he comes back...

Let's keep the good news coming now OBIE with some free agent signings in the weeks to come
The other good news was seeing Gibson go as our Offensive Co-ordinator and us picking up Womack to help out OBIE

Great signing. Knowlton is a baller, no question.

M.K. is a great linebacker!

'Nuff said.

And on top of that, he's a heck of a personable young man when you meet him. Unlike some other professional athletes I could name.

Best news this week so far! Congrads Mad Dog! One of the most personable players also! :rockin: :thup:


Great news. A few more signings in the next few weeks, please? We have more free agents who we need to lock up before we lose them, and option year players before we lose leverage on them.

My favourite Cat defender gets his due -- excellent news!

Oski Wee Wee,


Beauty! :thup:

Thank you Markeith for signing with the Cats.
Thank you Obie for takin' care of business.
Thank you Wally for giving us the most outstanding defensive player of the year. ha ha

"Moi aussi" :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who got 57% in gr.#13 French)

Mrs MadJack and I would agree but delete that last word. . . he's our favourite Cat, period.

For me he's a close second behind Stevie Baggs, Knowlton is a future HOF and I hope he plays his entire career here.