Knowlton figured he got set up

"Knowlton on departure from Ticats: 'It was pretty much a setup.'"

From Steve Milton,

"I was probably as shocked as everyone else, " Knowlton said, after taking a day to collect his thoughts. "I don't understand it. I don't think the coach (Austin) really liked me."

"We lose 37-0 and I get released, " Knowlton said. "I guess they want me to score points, too. They said I didn't make enough plays for us to win. It wasn't like I was the only one on the field against the offence. It is annoying. I think they had to blame me for losing because I didn't make enough tackles. But there are 11 other guys out there on defence.

"They switch me to a new position, which I was glad to do for the team, and they want me to be the best in the world at it after four games. Put me against guys who are 300 pounds and I'm only 210, 215, it's not something I could do overnight. I thought I was doing pretty well. It was pretty much a setup. At least that's what it felt like. You put me in a new position and say I have four games. That doesn't seem right."

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Oh boy!

That very same observation was made several times here, on this board, by various posters.

I dunno what to think. Yeah, sure, he's emotional about getting released but when even fans take notice of the change right away, and question it...

Are these salary dumps? Martell Mallet, Rey Wiliams, now Markeith Knowlton... So many rookies..

Apparently Knowlton's contract was in the $100,00.00 range,sounds like a salary dump to me,with league minimum being 48K,Theres two more rookie's salaries,in the line-up,seems like this team is doing on the cheap.Reminds of the old saying...If ya squeeze a nickel hard enough,the beaver will bite the queen's arse!!! Just a guestimate here but with Patrick being signed as a F.A. They probably saved another 75 to 85 K by dumping him also,more money for more rookies,and on and on it goes :thdn:

I have said once before and say it once again. I have been very unimpressed with Austin and his decision making. In all honesty this hiring reminds me of the Brian Burke hiring for the Toronto Maple Leafs. A big name who accomplished very little and inheritted a really good team to win a championship as their claim to fame. There is something going on here and he is not the first veteran to speak out. Makes one think there is more to the Chris Williams story then meets the eye. I thought the samething when I read of Knowlton's release. He was put in a situation to fail and after 4 games cut him. This team is god awful in all 3 phases of the game. At least last season we were good on 2/3. We look unprepared, lack disipline, and any form of game plan on offense or defense.

releasing a player who's reached Knowlton's heights relatively recently is highly unusual.
A key point in Knowlton's favour is his age. He only turned 30 this year, making him substantially younger than many veteran stars who have been released lately. It also may help his case that he was asked to play out of position this year
There are plenty of reasons to think that Hamilton's talent evaluation isn't exactly the most stellar under new general manager/head coach Kent Austin, either: consider that the Tiger-Cats cut fellow linebacker Rey Williams this offseason, and he's only proving to be one of the league's top players this season, earning a Three Stars nod from us in Week Three and a Gibson's Finest award from the CFL this past week
Knowlton's also been praised for his locker-room leadership, which has even included cutting his teammates' hair, and that leadership factor often plays into executives' personnel decisions. Thus, he might be an intriguing pickup for another CFL team.

However, it's notable that there hasn't been much interest expressed in Knowlton thus far

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8) I think salary played a big part in this decision, but it wasn't the main reason for him being released.
  It almost appears to me that Austin wants to build his own team here, and for that reason any holdovers who are not
  playing up to his standards will be released, regardless of their tenure, or status with this team !!

   Veterans beware !!!

They are using the season in Guelph to hide a rebuild. Look at the roster, they are doing the same thing as Tillman did in Edmonton. Cut most import vets and throw the money at a bunch of rookies and hide them on a 78 player roster.

All true, but only given 4 games to learn and adjust to a new position?

We expect coaches to at least be given an entire season or two, no?

What's lacking most on t his team? Experience and leadership?

Look, at only 30 years of age, he coulda been given more time, or another role. With all these injuries, depth is a concern, and yet you can cut a guy like Markeith?

His veteran presence on the team must have some worth. I wouldn't be surprised if salary had a lot to do with it.

Not to many of them left!!!seems they are an endangered species,numbers dwindling by the day…easy to spot though,they’re the ones with bullseyes on their practice jerseys!!

i believe salary played a major part for His release. It looks like they are dumping high salary players for cheaper ones that can pretty much do the same job. The next ones to go will be on the oline since a couple of them have been around for a long time and their salarie are probably high.

And yet the top team in the league, still undefeated, pick up veterans like Geroy Simon and Rey Williams as well as Cortez and other CFL experienced coaches.

There is no really going "on the cheap" in the CFL

The Max and Min. salary cap for 2013 is
Max.- $4.4M
Min.- $4.0M
That doesn't leave much wriggleroom
A team must keep money available for NFL cuts

All this recent talk of being set up...wonder what's going through Jamal Johnson's mind right about now?

That's very enlightening, thanks!

Wonder how exactly that is calculated and enforced during the course of a season when players are cut and brought in, especially with the "revolving door on steroids" year here just after 4 games?

Teams have been known to ignore the upper end of the cap before, wonder what the consequences are if you're under?

Also, that $400,000 difference can get you some pretty good players, no?

An old song comes to mind.....J.J.'s probably humming it right now....All by myself,don't want to be all by myself anymore. :cry:

It is one thing to say veterans beware when there is high quality guys to replace them, but so far our scouting hasn't proven they can do that. I can say there is not many guys who have shown they have the talent to stay in this league. If we are rebuilding why keep a veteran aging QB around dump him to and start developing someone else.

The salary cap is very misleading for two reasons. 1) Teams use any "unused" money to carry over contracts for the next season. 2) Nine game injured list is not counted. So you can "cheat" by spending as little as you want of your 4.5 million as long as you spend it before the end of the calendar year on contracts for the following year. So between the nine game list and the bottom of the "CAP" There is as much as a 1.5 million dollar swing to the roster your fielding from one year to the next.

8) I'd be willing to bet that the Cats won't protect Burris for the Ottawa dispersal draft next season !!
  I fully agree with you on the quality of players that our scouting staff has recruited, so far !!

   This season in Guelph is being used as a wholesale rebuilding year, much like a season long training camp.

$400,000 difference can get you some pretty good players,no?.......It can also get you roughly 9 players(rookies?) at minimum salary!! Squeeze that nickel,squeeze it hard,make that Queen scream for mercy!!!!......Just a guestimate again but I would say that they've got at least roughly 725K tied up on the injury list(1 game only).As far as I know 9-game does not go against the cap.Not sure also about p.r. players but at 9 players max. a game at $500 per player there's another $81K allowance for the year.

That's right ti-cat management .. keep making it harder ..

But as per bob we can't complain just shut up pay the team some cash and just be happy about it