Knowlton and Mariuz

Two moments tonight define the "team" that is emerging in Hamilton. Knowlton makes a pick, and knowing the TV cameras are coming his way, grabs young Dylan (team water boy), puts his arm around him and says "it's his b*day today". Gave the kid his moment in the sun. A few minutes later, Ray Mariuz, a former starter, now special teams and occasional back up, makes a great play of defense to knock a pass down. Obie deservers a boat load of credit. The 2009 Cats have a long way to go, and they are by know means assured of anything. But two things are clear. This is a TEAM with character and depth. These men have earned our support. Pride is back in Tigertown. I'm getting out the schedule and sorting out when to book my flight...

Well stated, NSK!

Oski Wee Wee,

Nice post, novascotiakid!

Loved that Marius play. It was a big one.

I watched him sub in on that play and direct others as they lined up for the play. He sure knew what he was doing!

very well said novascotiakid…that was a very good bday present…happy we won tonight