Know Your Place, Lions...

He sure does get under peoples skin. lol.
He does make some decent points though.
I don't agree with all but some.
However, the argos are also one injury away from trouble.
It seems Ray gets up slower every time he hits the field. I can't see him making it through the year.
Plus never rule out wally, he gets the most out of his teams.

I'm really curious to hear who you feel would be the "one injury away from trouble" for the Argos.

As I've said numerous times, success in the CFL is contingent on having a good QB and the best possible Canadian talent you can get.

You saw what happened when Toronto was without a starting Canadian this week - - steamrolling the Lions. I realize that's not saying much to crush a bottom feeder, but the Argos didn't miss a beat without Gabriel.

No other team in the CFL could lose a Canadian starter and still start NINE (9) Canadians, as the Argos did in BC. Truly amazing to see the NI talent that Barker has amassed.

You just finished downcrying Ricky Ray - - surely you don't feel the team would be "in trouble" without him.

Ummm, you do realize BC was without 4 starters that game? (I won't count RT Adcock as he's been out the whole season) RB Jeremiah Johnson missed the game due to an ankle injury but Anthony Allen still "steamrolled" the Argos. 1st round pick Charles Vaillancourt has been impressive as the starting right guard but had to miss the game due to dizzy spells, and by far our best defensive lineman, Mi'chael Brooks sat out last game with injury and was replaced by Bryant Turner, who played his first game of the season and was clearly gassed by the 4th quarter.

Bottom line - - the Lions got run in their own house and the Argos exposed that 2-0 record as a complete fraud.

You can make all the excuses you want, but the cold hard reality is the Lions are bottom feeders this year - - again.

Do you want to continue with this 'bottom feeder' bluster or back it up with something substantive? I don't think you're giving the Lions enough credit. In fact, you're not giving them any credit at all. The Lions played their worst game by far and still the yardage on the night was even (and don't give me this Argos gave up chunks of yardage in 'garbage time' nonsense. The game was a lot closer than that.....had it not been for 4 ill-timed turnovers and the completely bogus 'let's protect Toronto's meal ticket' roughing the passer call that extended a drive and led to a TD, the score would have been very different).

I say the Lions will end up with a better record than the Argonauts at the end of the season. Do you care to take this bet on, $100 for the charity of either's choice?

I give up on the Lions.

It is week 3 and they are now eliminated from the play-offs. Just like the Cats.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I just do not get Area 51.

As I've explained numerous times, the formula for winning in the CFL is remarkably simple - - get the best possible NI talent you can find along with a good QB.

People are slowly starting to realize what I've said for the past year - - Jennings is a terrible QB. The one-armed gimp backing him up doesn't inspire much confidence either.

Letting their best Canadian, and best offensive player, leave in the off season was a move that defied logic. Look at what happened to the Riders last season when they gave away their top Canadian.

Poor QB and weak Canadians is how you become a bottom feeder in the CFL.

i get a kick out of this guy saying that it was a miraculous first 2 wins. The win over Calgary was a nice defensive battle. and the Hamilton game was just well rounded game in which the cats never showed up. Ive seen many games where the opposition has fail to show up and many of those games have been the Argo's.

"People are slowly starting to realize what I've said for the past year - - Jennings is a terrible QB. The one-armed gimp backing him up doesn't inspire much confidence either."

say what? i suppose you think Printers was marvelous

Yes, you've repeated "strong Canadian talent and a good QB" formula ad nauseam like you've just unlocked the Enigma code against the Nazis. :roll: It's not exactly a revelation.

Jennings? Disappointing start to be sure, but don't write him off as a 23 year old. Lulay picked apart the Argo secondary when he was put in - and before you reply with BS about Stubler ensured everything was in front of the defenders, soft coverage late in the game etc., the "one armed gimp" former MOP was 12-15 for 156 yards. You're lucky he wasn't in the game earlier and Phillips dropped an easy Pick 6, or you'd be whining about a misleading 3-0 start.

You're always carrying on about them losing Harris. Granted, he's a great receiving option out of the backfield but he can't get the tough yards inside anymore and as a National, you can't replace him when he goes down. And he's a big salary hit. Meh, he's carried the ball 34 times for 156 yards this year - a whopping 4.58 average. Anthony Allen had over half of those yards against the Argos by the 2nd quarter!

Again, if you think the Leos are such sad sacks, then pony up (see above offer)!

Yup , exactly right. Speaking of not showing up just where were A-51's beloved Argos in the season opener at BMO ??? I guess the Cats just got lucky steamrolling them by a count of 42-20 ? :smiley: It's kinda funny that Mr. "Know-It-All" didn't have much to say about that game now did he ? By the way I was at BMO that night and enjoyed every minute of it , it's just to bad that somebody forgot to tell the Argos that there was a game to be played that night. :lol: :rockin:

Oh and just for the record you are 100% correct just so I can't be accused of being a homer, full marks to your Lions in the Cats opener (thankfully I missed that one).......Yup they never showed up and did indeed get steamrolled by BC.

As always, I stand by my comments and assessments.

Jennings has a mediocre arm, struggles with accuracy and can't read coverage - - as evidenced by how baffled he was by Stublers coverage schemes last game.

No idea what Casey Printers has to do with this, but I can assure you Printers arm was far stronger and more accurate than Jennings could ever hope to be.

Printers' problem was completely mental.

Area, I don’t care what others think you are, I like you… This 3 pages of this thread have been highly entertaining. Thanks…

You're struggling to grasp that Harris wasn't "replaced" by Allen - - he was "replaced" by the NI who fills the ratio requirement for 7 NI starters.

I'm certain that even an old has-been like Buono could find a better Import receiver than Ianuzzi, or a better Import DB than Edem. And the upgrade there would be MUCH more than any "upgrade" that Allen provides over Harris. But they have to start because BC let Harris walk.

As for your offer of a wager, I have absolutely ZERO interest in engaging with an anonymous commentator over the internet.

Last year when I stated in the pre season that it would take a miracle for the Riders to win nine games in 2015, an anonymous Rider fan, similar to yourself, proposed a wager of four Grey Cup tickets on that the Riders could reach double digit wins.

Naturally my assessment was spot on, and not surprisingly anonymous Rider Fan hid under his computer desk and never paid up.

What do you suppose would have happened if I'd done that? Since I'm one of the few people on any CFL forum who isn't an anonymous faceless poster, there's no way I would have gotten away with not paying.

Essentially, if I'd lost the wager I'm out about $1600 but since I won I get nothing. A no-win proposition if ever there was one.

Wasn't a big deal because I was as confident the Riders wouldn't win nine games as I'm confident the sun won't rise in the west tomorrow - - and as I'm confident the Lions will be a bottom feeder this year.

But a complete waste of my time, and something I have ZERO interest in repeating with another anonymous blowhard who I know will never pay up.

I think this has much less to do internet 'anonymity' and more about you being a blowhard who thinks he knows more about the CFL than he actually does. Just shoot from the hip and hope you piss a lot of people off along the way, and when push comes to shove, they won't actually remember because you've already moved onto your next random diatribe and insult. Your inflated sense of self-importance is actually quite pathetic.

Anyway, it's not about paying you or you paying me. It's about paying a charity. And before you start trumpeting yourself as some type of quasi celebrity around here, I can assure you I don't know you any better than you know me. You name the charity and I'll scan and post the receipt for $100 on here (you do likewise if BC ends up with more points than the Argos). It's all rather simple.

The Lions' "place" has yet to be determined Area51. They beat 2 very formidable opponents coming out of the gate: Calgary and Hamilton. Jennings was at the controls in both games. I was very much looking forward to the Lions notching another win and making it 3 in a row but I'm always nervous when Ricky Ray comes to town. He's a very very good QB, one of the best in my opinion.

I have no idea why the Lions turned in the performance they did but full marks to the Argos for winning the game. The Argos were the better team and earned the win.

The CFL is what it is. You can have a team dominate the division standings all year, get into the playoffs and and get beaten by a much weaker team.

Hamilton destroyed the Argos [42-20] in the season opener and yet Hamilton could only score 3 points against the Lions the very next week. The Lions wracked up 28 points to Hamilton's 3 that game. Go figure. One would figure, based on the Lions' first couple of games and who they beat that the Lions would "dominate" the Argos but it did not happen. Why not? Who knows? Not up for the game? Didn't bring their "A" game to B.C. Place? Poor play calling from the bench? Missed routine tackles? Miscues on the line? All of the above? You choose.

For me the jury is still out on Jennings. I have seen him throw pin point passes and scramble well to avoid going down. I have seen him get flustered. The guy is only 23. I'm hopeful he will improve with each game. He's a work in progress. It doesn't mean he will become the next Flutie or Moon but he's showing some very good athletic ability.

Woah! This should be interesting. :rockin:

Feel free to search through my posts and find find something that I was terribly wrong about.

Joe Mack being a worthless GM? Zach Collaros being the best young QB in the league? Gary Crowton, Chip Garber and Greg Quick being hopeless coaches? Greg Jones being a beast MLB? Jon Crompton being a useless QB? Khalil Bass being a star in the making? The Emry-for-Foley trade being one of the most lopsided trades in sports history? The Argos selling less than 10,000 season tickets at BMO this year?

As always, I stand by my assessments - - unlike many. And that goes for the Lions being bottom feeders this year despite that miraculous 2-0 start.

Since it'd be going to a charity I really don't care if you pay or not, Lions Fan - - so I'll take that wager. Lions will not make the playoffs this year for $100.

Okay then, let's level set what this is about. "Bottom feeders" is one of those nebulous ways of defining suckage. I'd rather put it in more concrete terms. If BC finishes the 2016 season with more points than Toronto, a team that appears to have your full confidence, you have to donate to the charity of my choice. If BC finishes below Toronto, then it's $100 to the charity of your choice. Both teams are 2-1 right now, so it's squared.

Since you talk out of your ass so much, mine is for Prostate Cancer research. :rockin: