Know Your Place, Lions...

...and that would be among the league bottom feeders.

It was cute to see the Lions and their old has-been coach pull off a couple of miraculous wins to open the season, but Toronto delivered a massive dose of reality with a truly dominating performance on all levels.

Terrible Canadian talent and an incompetent starting QB - - that's how you build a loser in the CFL.

Exactly what was "dominating" about this "massive" 9 point win? Argos have been my pick...along with many other peoples... out of the East since well before the season started...but they have not "dominated" anything this season as of yet

Check your facts, Boyo.

The better team took control of the game in the 2ndH and the outcome was never in doubt after halftime.

Whoopee...I accidentally said 9 instead of 11

If you think this game showed a "dominating" performance you have a rather messed up perspective on sports in general....or you have a different view on the word than most of the world

there was nothing "dominating" about it, though their D played well. They were not "dominating" last week. They sure as heck were not "dominating" the week before.

Again...I see them as the best out of the East...but they have "dominated" nothing thus far.

Ya right all last season our MOP was injured.

This game against the Argos saw 3 starters gets injured for the Lions. Had they been ready to go Argos wouldve got killed. Out Oline wasnt able to protect the QB at all

Football is a physical game, my friend. If you can’t handle getting punched in the mouth, you’re probably in the wrong sport.

The better team took control of the game in the 2ndH and the game was never in doubt after halftime.

No question the Argos dominated the Lions on STs. And after the opening drive, Toronto’s defence completely shut down the Lions feeble offence until the back up QB managed to put up a TD in garbage time after the outcome was already decided.

And on offence for Toronto it was a combination of Ricky Ray carving up the Lions coverage with Brandon Whitaker and the OLine steamrolling the Lions run defence.

Don't waste your time boys, he's just a troll. If he wasn't he might not stick his foot in his mouth so obviously; the "dominating" offensive stats from the game

Scroll down to those team numbers where the Lions gained more yards and the same # passing TDS and more rushing yards. Yeah, Ray and Whitaker just carved them up. :roll:

When are the mods going to do something about this guy. Clearly he is only here to troll.

As I've said numerous times - - you've got to watch the games instead of just looking at the boxscore, my friend.

BC piled up 140yds in the last 8mins of garbage time after the game had already been decided. Couldn't do a thing in the 3rdQ, the 2ndQ and the final 10mins of the 1stQ.

You'd understand if you watched the games.

Just because I state stats does not mean I didn’t watch the game. I did and it bored me to tears. Neither team could do much. The Argos had a little more finish than BC, but mostly took advantage of turnovers. They had at least 10 points of turnovers which brings the score down to 15-14 when you take those away. Dominating performance for sure. :roll:

But don’t let facts get in the way of a good trolling rant, go with your uninformed emotions, because you’d understand if you knew how to comprehend the game you say you watched.

So if a team is forcing turnovers and scoring points off said turnovers, it means they weren't dominating?

Now I understand why you were "bored to tears" - - you've got no clue what you're watching. It'd be like me watching cricket. That would "bore me to tears" just as football "bores you to tears".

Garbage time in the CFL? Is that even if thing?

Only in the mind of internet trolls.

10 points off at least 4 turnovers is dominating? Again, your standard for a "dominating performance" in a CFL game has a very low threshold, however it must make ever the most dull games exciting to you. Enjoy.

Your "argument" is about as weak as Jon Jennings performance.

"Take away the turnovers" and then "take away the points off turnovers" and it's a close game.

Hey, take away all of Jenning's incompletions too...and take away all of Ricky Rays yardage...and then take away Brandon Whitaker too.

If you try hard enough you can convince yourself the Lions won.

The issue isn't that the Lions are bottom feeders, it's that they took the Argos lightly. Looking forward to the rematch in Toronto.

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Sorry about your luck, Lions Fan. But surely you didn't actually expect this halfassed BC team to get to 3-0, did you?

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I am now thinking most of your posts are all about mind games.



Previous seasons he's been a know-it-all know-nothing annoyance, but this season he's moved into serious trolling.

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