"knee injury"

so another season upon us and so begins "one more year milt". i think you can probably read a little more into this injury in that he (milt) probably told BT he would be coming back but he didn't want to go thru two-a-days. to put a spin on it, he and BT probably agreed to hatch something up just prior to camp to exclude him from camp. lets face it-no veteran player who has been around for as long as he has, wants to take part in camp.they should win the cup this year and will need milt at his best to do it. its too bad he's decided to put his needs before that of his team.watch for an announcement on his healing sometime around the date of their first pre-season game-about the same time that camp is coming to an end.

just my thought.
city legend

Ya gotta be kidding...do you have anything whatsoever you're basing this on? Milt's as classy as they come, and deserves more respect than you're giving him.

Besides, if there's anyone in this league who'd still be at his best if he missed camp, it's Milt...

....Milt will be ready to answer the bell when called upon....and when it counts.... :wink:

Sore knee slows Blue Bombers' Stegall

Veteran slotback is 196 yards shy of Allen Pitts's
all-time CFL receiving yardage record

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 CBC Sports

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This goes against your premise

that Milt and Brendan Taman probably agreed
to hatch something up to save him from participating.

In fact, citylegend, it was medical doctors
hacking into his knee who saved him,

but if you are intent on convincing us
that your unfounded speculation is truth,

I am sure you can explain this away, too.

I think it certainly is odd that he had the supposed surgery on May 2 and we are only hearing about it a month later. That being said Milt has always had one of the highest fitness levels for any CFL player and if he wanted to sit out of training camp I know he would be 100% ready fro the first game anyway.

Let Milt take the first half of the season off and work in the new recruits. Having him healthy down the stretch would be a first in his career I believe.