Knee Injuries

I was just reading the Hash Mark on the TSN page and found it interesting that 4 of the 8 CFL teams all had a player go down in that last preseason game with a knee injury.

One of them is Edmonton's middle linebacker M. Lloyd. Yikes

If Jason Jimenez knee injury is serious we have a very big hole to fill and in this instance I am not trying to be punny. I hope it is nothing serious he was great in camp in my opinion.

Import right tackle should be an easy replacement.
I had read up on Spanos and he played wherever needed at USC on the line.

Drew Talked about in the scratching post
  • Simeon Rottier and Matt Spanos split time at right tackle and there looks to be a battle brewing over who will take over for injured Jason Jimenez. I'll have more on this story in the paper tomorrow.

I'm not sure that anyone in or out of the country can actually replace Jimanez. This guy is great and
I hope he makes a full recovery.

FieldTurf -- sadly coming soon to a theatre near you in Canada as well?: