Km Murphy Stinks!!

Kim Murphy has to be the worse CFL ref ever, the guy stinks at calling any Tiger-Cat games, Foxcroft calls a good game, most of the other refs are okay but Murphy stinks.

The Al's DB had a hold of Tasker's jersey No call, the Al's DB Parker interfered with Bakari Grant No call, Murray makes a play on the ball in the end zone gets called for the Cats, just BS Calls by Murphy all game long!!

Refs are never perfect and make less mistakes than players do.

Bad calls usually even out, and thought they did this game as well.

Anyone notice that generous spot that gave us a first down early in the game when Collaros ran up the middle?

That’s just one.

Refs did not make a difference in this game. The Tiger-Cats were simply atrocious.

Name another!

Hamilton’s left tackle was guilty of illegal procedure. Not only did the refs miss that, but they penalized Montreal for offside instead.

Thing is, when our team loses in such a frustratingly painful manner, such things are amplified. Refs ain’t the problem.

I agree captain that blaming the referees is a futile occupation. It sure seemed like some big calls were missed on really critical plays, which is really frustrating.

This game should never had gone the way it did in the second half. It was like a Jekyl and Hyde act.

What bothered me regarding officiating was the fact that the command center didn’t get at least one call right (Tasker PI), and this makes it difficult to have any faith with that process. If they miss that, what else are they missing?

Right now I am angry, tonight I will be sad, tomorrow will be another day.



And the OffSide call instead of the procedure that let them out of a 2nd and 18 and put seven points on the board in the first half.

Again, it's not Kim Murphy making, or not making, those bad calls. It's the officials in the defensive backfield making, or not making, those calls.

I'm more upset by the Command Centre in not overturning the fairly obvious PI non-calls, one of which resulted in an Als touchdown a couple of plays later.

THAT call is not as obvious as the calls of… 1) BS PI call in the endzone that put the ball on the goal line… 2)the lets not blow the whistle until the QB eventually crosses the the line for a TD, 3)or the hey lets pull on a jersey so much it impedes the motion of a receiver the ball is actually thrown to and he is unable to make the catch.

but hey… that slight motion of the leg of a line man, made the difference in the game right???

how did the command centre miss the pass interference when you can see Tasker’s shirt pulled, it doesn’t take a good official to make that call, it takes a BAD official to miss it, which is what was done today. I agree the ticats played poorly in the second half, but if you think the officials have no blame in this loss, then you’re mistaken.

Look, the PI replay review has been very consistent in the entire league this year so far, in that it has to be brutally blatant to get the call reversed.

What we saw today was not out of the ordinary.

They are not picking on Hamilton.

Could/should that have been called PI on the field? Yes, but again, not out of the ordinary.

Was obvious to me. As long as a QB is pumping his legs you don’t blow the whistle, not sure what your complaing about there. Officiating was bad on both side and frankly Austin should have gotten a penalty for going 15 yards onto the field to abuse the officials, he did that twice. IMO turnovers and that kick returned for a TD were what decided this game not the officiating.


It does NOT get any more obvious than a jersey being pulled!!!.. THAT IS PI!!!

Fact of the matter is; our team OUIT on us today and they OUIT on themselves.
Of course there were bad calls and missed calls, but our boys didn't show up for the second half of this game. :thdn:

I’ve already agreed that a flag could/should have been thrown on that.

But, you can throw a flag every time there is contact or holding on the line. Pro football has always let a lot of that go when there is decent coverage and minimal contact. It’s always been called that way.

IMO, there are already too many flags being thrown this year in the CFL, and not all of it is on the refs. So far this has generally been a pretty crappy CFL season, especially in the east where coaching and talent level is not good.

Agreed Captain on the flags this year, but seems like sometime they are deserved and others they are not. One thing for sure, there seem to be more.

As far as the CFL this year, it sure has been a crappy season. It’s like a new chapter with many new young QBs and a rash of injuries to good players, particularly on offense. It seems like more players are also heading the NFL more often (I don’t know if this is really true or not). All I know is defenses are dominating in what is usually a league with lots of offense. I expect a couple of stinkers early on with the short pre-season, but not from Labour Day on. Some of this could be as a result of the addition of the RedBlacks (ie. dispersal draft), but hopefully some teams get things worked out and start making fewer execution mistakes and penalties, including our own Ti-Cats.


...I am an infrequent poster here, but will make the observation that some non-callls or missed calls are game changers. That was the case today. The frustration on the Ticats' faces was apparrent not only because of the call...but the "really?"

Kim Murphy can not manage a football game, the officiating in general is pathetic, it's ruining the game !!! :thdn:

I agree and it isn’t the first game that the Ticats have had to play against both the refs and the other team! Yes they have taken many penalties (today seemed to be better) most of them deserved but on more than one occasion they have been assessed penalties that were border line at best. The BC game in particular come to mind which incidentally - or not- Murphy also reffed. It is pretty hard for young players to keep playing hard when they feel - rightly or wrongly - that the refereeing is biased against them whether it be in penalties assessed or other calls.

Refereeing is a tough job, No question, but certain CFL ref's are just prone to make bad calls consistently against the Tiger-Cats and it's not the first time of many bad calls that Kim Murphy has made against the Cats, Coach Austin has called him out a few times and on one occasion later apologized but still Murphy is consistently a crap ref.

Not all Officials are bad in the CFL, many are good and make consistent calls good or bad and try to level the playing field like Al Bradbury, Murray Clark and Steve Foxcroft and others who seem to be a lot more professional at refereeing than Kim Murphy and Andre Prouix.

Can’t agree more. These guys are worse than the replacement officials in the No Fun League! Extremely frustrating!