kk was at the game tonite !!

if we sign KK and he plays the rest of the way and if porter plays the rest of the way
i THINK, not guarantee, that the cats will dump printers and lumsden

I love CP and JL to death BUT they are constantly hurt.

How many games has CP started for us this year and won? 1 game and that was because of Lumsden's rushing against the Argos

How many games has JL started for us this year and won? 1 game.

Even though Lumsden is a tank, we aren't winning with him. He is a great back when healthy but I think that is the key, Health!

Caulley was in for the second game we won and has played all season without getting hurt. You combine him with KK, we have ourselves something here.


I still suprised that you can put "dick" in your message.

I also think that this signing is hype for this year's annual "Get you season's tickets for next year" promotion.

There's always next year. :slight_smile:


According to 900chml.com, the Ticats will sign Kenton Keith this weekend:

[url=http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/NewsLocalGeneral/Story.aspx?ID=1027650]http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/New ... ID=1027650[/url]

Apparently the cats weren't going to talk to him until today about signing. They didn't want any distractions for the game last nite.

8) Oh boy !! Grey Cup here we come !!! :wink:
 Seriously though, why not sign him  !!

 Obie knows what he is doing  !!

Are we sure about this?

Maybe he's going back to BC at season's end and Shivers is on his way to Steeltown...

Now that would be shake up!

You don’t need KK, you need O&D linemen. Many tabbie fans realize this, but apparently Obie cannot. Myself I think that he is old school and the cats need better management up top. Cut printers, shed the salary. Macully is every bit as good as KK will be, or didn’t management notice.

8) I wouldn't stake your life on it !!! :wink:

dude thats what u trade Lumsden for maybe 2 o line or maybe 2 d line or one of each !!!!

The more assets you have at a skilled position, the more assets you have to trade for other assets.

Obie is loading up to trade a RB and QB soon, mark my words. Bye bye Lumsden and Williams or Printers, is my guess.

Nobody is going to give up much for an always injured player. besides the cats make the worse trades in the league. Another words--they always get fleeced. The cats have to cut ties with lumsdon and get rid of Printers, that way they can use the money in the free agent market to get linemen. Good luck to them anyway and lets hope they can improve for next year.
They could probably get 2 linemen for Macually. He will become an eliete player.


To me this feels like another Printers situation. Let's throw lots of money at someone to make the fans feel like we're doing something to improve the team. We DO NOT NEED Keith. Caulley is MORE THAN CAPABLE. He quietly does an outstanding job and I think brining Keith in here would be a big mistake.

Let's use that money to re-sign Setta!!

Harris is hurt, Edmonton would probably trade something for leasing Lumsden till the end of the season. They have already given up their first pick for Prefontaine. Not sure what they would give up.

Just for educational purposes. Oui!Oui! was a little wooden character from an animated children show produced in the UK decades ago. :slight_smile:

Here he is in his airplane

[url=http://www.kangarooboo.com/product_images/3076/5703_w_medium.jpg]http://www.kangarooboo.com/product_imag ... medium.jpg[/url]

Because I assume he will be living in our neighborhood.
One could argue "why worry about another RB"?

Arrested for beating up a bouncer in Sask.
Arrested for B and E
Arrested for not leaving a nightclub.
Arrested=criminal to some degree.
We do not need any troublemakers in our community thanks!


Great football player....yes
good addition....who knows???

For all the self appointed accountants who analyze the team's budget and salaries - wouldn't the money be better spent elsewhere? After all the complaining about a starting qb salary, some have suggested that we spend 200 000 on Keith?

He'll be a decent running back if he comes back to the CFL. Will he be better than what we have. Significantly better to justify what will be a very large contract? No.

But his name will be plastered all over the season ticket renewal packages.

That's what this is about. It's about grabbing a big name who sadly, has peaked already. We won't get the productions Saskatchewan got out of him. They know this and no way would they risk losing Cates to put Keith on the roster.

Who's going to trade 2 D-Linemen or O-Linemen for Lumsden when he's a FA at the end of the year? No team is hurting that badly in the running department to give up that much. We'd be lucky to get a bag of practice balls.

And all this time I thought that in our society we had courts to decide whether arrested persons should be convicted or not.

Hadn't heard the B and E claim before, can you provide a source?

I'm not saying Keith has acted like a saint his whole life, but I think his past behavior may not be as egregious as some people would have us believe.