kk was at the game tonite !!

i hope they sign kk this week, he is a A-1 player and we could use a weapon like this , i like caulley 2 but a play like this i dont think should turn r backs on .....and i feel they could make a awsome 1 2 punch!!!

i heard we are signing Keith tomorrow.

kenton keith
= kk

Kenton Keith? I hope not.

As Ted Michaels said tonight on the Fifth Quarter...Keith is a tremendous ball player, but as a person, he's a dick. (Okay, not exactly a quote, but close enough).

He's a bit of a troublemaker, and we don't need any poison in the locker room.

And....what does Keith bring to the table that we don't have already? We already have a half decent running game.

Dump Printers, and spend the money signing linemen, offensive and defensive, instead.


ted michaels will suck up to him to no end once his name is on a contract, thats what ted does. He is afraid they wont do interviews or come on his radio show if he isnt nice but of course the minute they are gone, ted rips em a new one. see troy davis.

8) What source did you hear that from ???
However, I wouldn't be surprised if we did, judging from the way Obie, double talked his way through an interview regarding KK yesterday on CH !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

It actually was a pretty pathetic answer he gave to avoid the actual question he was asked  !!!

Oh, I hope not.

Keith brings the genuine possibility to bust a play for a score on any given play, from anywhere on the field.

I love watching Caulley, but Keith is a gamebreaker and a difference-maker.

Based on our record, I'd say we don't need more model citizens, we need more players. And it's not as if he's Lawrence Philips...

why do people on here care what the guy is like off the field? if he can play let him play.

But i really dont think he need him and i would rather spend the money on a real o line

Team Needs

  1. Pass Rush
  2. Receivers
  3. OLine (although they looked great with Porter)
  4. Linebacker

Team Strengh

  1. Run
  2. Kicker

So we sign another Back? One with baggage to a young and impressionable team? That would be as silly as trading Setta for the rights to Ricky Williams.

Haven't we done that yet?? :lol:

If we sign Kenton Keith I would guarantee that Lumsden and Printers will be gone.

Rushing: It's not about "need" it's about getting better and building on strength.

Yes, there are other areas to addess but that's in the off season but the opportunity to get Keith is NOW.


i think they both will be gone by the end of the year if we sign keith.

And HOW will you "guarantee"??

What is on the line for being wrong?

Wow I didn't realize that you can't make a statement that you feel strongly about :wink:

I'm glad you have to take everything so literal on here. Would you like it if I changed the way I wrote it. Would that make you feel better?

I think the word "guarantee" has a sour conotation around these parts...

i think if kk comes here Lumsden will be traded before the season ends and printers will have to take a pay cut. which i think he will.


Sending Lumsden to Edmonton for a 1st rounder or a NI might make sense if Lumsden refuses to sign an extension. I would like to see him stare down an offer and push the pen away first.