KK/JL both in Monday

If this is true it bodes well for offence. It will let Porter mix it up a bit and not let
Montreals defence zone in too much for the pass. Plus I'm looking forward to seeing Jesse
run the ball again. He has plenty to prove

Jesse has nothing to prove to you or anyone else !!!

The word of God has spoken!!!

Gee i`m sorry if i disagree with you !!

And what do you want to bet he rushes for more yards than Keith ?? Although I want them to both play well .

First of all he has to prove he can play the next 4 games and remain uninjured. Secondly for himself
it may put his stock up when it comes to negotiating his next contract.

Well that crap about Keith not being in game shape is pure bull . If your not game ready after a NFL training camp then youll never be game ready !!! keith has way more to prove to Hamilton fans than Lumsden does . Lumsden has had injury problems and nobody can deny that , but as far as being a great RB you know youll be on the edge of your seat every time he touches the ball !!!!

I love watching Jesse Run. The combination of speed and power is amazing. I just wish that I could see it every week!!

I'm with Habman.

Jesse need not prove anything to anyone.

That he can stay healthy??? Sorry. Not something you can prove. You're either healthy, or you're not. IF Jesse was an American player, you'd likely have seen the Cats cut bait by now. The truth is, he's Canadian, making him a ratio breaker. When he's healthy, he will give every team a headache.

Putting him in the same backfield as KK again throws the ratio back into the traditional American running back, Canadian fullback mold, only in reverse here, but still...Jesse doesn't need to prove anything as far as his ability goes.

I just HOPE and PRAY that Marcel B and Danny M utilize the swing toss and screen pass for JL's sake and the sake of the fans who have only had 3 wins this year. PLEASE use this option throughout the game dipsersed among the passing game. It will kill the will of the Montreal D and wear them down as well as opening up avenues for Porter to pass!!!!!! Period!!!!!! We want to win!!!!!!! Whenever we come off a big win, we automatically shoot ourselves in the foot the very next game with brutal 2nd half play selection. I really hope this does not happen!!

Interesting, you think he is only on the team because of his birth certificate. what about his ability? do you think his ability is hampered by the fact that he is injured all the time? is that why he would be cut if he wasnt canadian?
Truth is all the ability in the world means nothing if he doesnt have the 'ability' to say healthy and the 'ability' to be in the lineup.

Nothing in my post says he's only here because he's Canadian. On the contrary. My point is...that IF he was not Canadian, the Cats may be less tolerant of his injuries and have let him go. BUT...his place of birth allows us to be more tolerant and in turn... keep him because when he is healthy...he is by far the best back in this league. I advocate keeping him and trying as hard to sign him as possible this off season.

I remember the Bills picking Willis McGahee in 2003 and the reactions from
Bills fans was that he can't play on a regular basis, he will always be hurt etc,
damaged good..... Anyways, he came back from that devastating injury and
played quite well. Does it reason that it may be possible that Jesse can
overcome his injuries and do the same?

It's football, collisions happen, if you need to see
McGahee's injury you can click below. If you don't
like things bending in the wrong direction, DON'T


Jesse has a lot to prove.

  • He is a FA at seasons end.
  • He has played 3 games.
  • He has NEVER played an entire season.
  • Ever since his McMaster days he has gotten hurt at crucial times.
  • He is playing for a contract.

Jesse has shown that he can be brilliant, however, he doesn't play enough games to make a difference. We can go 3-15 with or without him. It's not like his presence has done much in the grand scheme of things. Sure, he ran all over Toronto and back again... and we won. Then what happend?? He went down.

You're no good to the team if you're always on the sidelines.

theres a big difference. jesse hassnt had one big injury he has had a ton of little injuries. so ya he will heal and maby be fine but he will get hurt again in a weak or 2.

I think I was the only Bills fan jumping up and down screaming YES YES YES!!!! LOL

I am a Miami Hurricanes fan so I already knew going into that draft, that if a team takes a chance on him he would be a huge steal. The Bills took that chance and it paid off and well might I add.

Ok now back on topic, with Lumsden and Keith in the back field we could be seeing quite a bit of screen passes to both of them and we all know what both guys can do when they have nothing but open field in front of them.

Thats a horrible example. McGahee has been hampered by injuries all year this year and has been criticized since he left Buffalo for being soft.

I think it will show a lot by how many carries each is given.

If it is split pretty evenly, I would say the Cats are interested in bringing JL back.

If Kenton gets most of the reps, I think the writting is on the wall for Jessie.

Dont worry they want him back and i`m certain he will rush for more yards than Keith .

I'm not convinced Jessie will see the ball very often. With the success of the passing game last week and Kenton Keith in the lineup, Jesse will be lucky to touch the ball more than eight times, but probably more like five. I hope I am wrong but if history is any indication, five times maybe as few as three.