KK does not like Rider fans or the CFL it appears!

oh lol ma bad lol......but yah i know goodell is a hard ass....and i dont even think he will make the team

I frankly find it hard to believe that KK actually wrote that. It seems to be some kind of put-on to me. Nobody is that dumb and walking the streets unescorted. And "wit" the spelling and stuff, it seems more of a joke, no what i'm sayin'?

LOL! What a load of garbage. Did you guys read what the Indy fans are writing?!!?!? As good as Barry Sanders?!!?!?!

"We may have our own version of Hester/Bush"

ARE YOU FLIPPIN SERIOUS? If dude was that good, he would have never crossed the border.

Then that idiot compares KK's situation to Jesse Lumsden even tho they have had completely different roads to the NFL. I love how he calls Lumsden the "Eric DickerOJSimpBarrySandeLaDanianFaulkTomlinson of the CFL"

Another thing is how I dont think they mention that KK got cut by the Jets...

"Sorry, no offense to our canadian friends here (I Love Canada, very clean, nice people) but the level of competition in the CFL does not even compare to the NFL"

Are you serious? Very clean nice people? Thats nice but who honestly talks like that?

And then when the RiderFan dude mentions how KK was an ass until he got charged and cleaned up his act, the Colts fans dont want to listen to him. Give me a break...

And they have all KK's sweetest runs, but you dont see like 30% of KK's runs where he does the tango with the defenders behind the line...

AND THEN when somebody brings up the link to the news about his arrest, MAGICALLY Kenton isnt Barry Sanders anymore...

Sorry for the Arius style response (being long and stuff) but that was just too funny

That cracked me up. I guess he meant clean COUNTRY, nice people. It makes it sound as though he find Canada has clean people. :lol:

Denial you have to love it. The guy came on there knowing a little to much about KK not to be him. Could KK be that dumb my answer is yes. :roll:

Hey, while some guys are pretty cool, and pretty smart, there are a lot of dumb football players out there.

he's not even going to make the roster.. then he'll be begging Tillman to take him back.. what a wuss

Actually, its between he and DeDe Dorsey down in Indy for the remaining RB spot. Dorsey just got arrested last month, I think it was DUI or assault, but I cant remember exactly. KK supposedly can return kicks so we will see... I think between Dorsey and Keith, it would be Keith, more upside.

There are dozens of felons and people facing charges playing in the NFL right now.
The new commish suspended a couple of guys and suddenly it is "the Wrath of Goodell"?
He does need to crack down, but what KK is charged with is pretty minor compared to the Pacman Jones of the world.

Just to get some perspective on that whole thread, it seemed to be mostly one guy, the so-called, "RiderFan" with a bit of a vendetta againt KK.
98% of what he said about KK is nothing more than rumour and inuendo with 0 facts to back it up.
Just to give an example of how easily that guy likes to distort the truth, he claims Roy Shivers was a member of the Black Panthers, which is not true.
He grew up with some of the founders, but was never a member.
He grew up with Bill Russell and Frank Robinson as well.

Roy Shivers grew up and went to school with:
* Frank Robinson, first black manager in professional baseball.
* Bill Russell, the first black coach in the history of the National Basketball League.
* Curt Flood, the baseball great who is credited with bringing free agency to professional sports.
* Baseball players including Joe Morgan and Vada Pinson.

Other blacks from the neighbourhood also excelled in football. Shivers' childhood friend Wendell Hayes is a member of the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs in 1969. There were many more who cracked NFL line-ups at a time when few blacks were given the opportunity to play the game.

Then there were the activists. Shivers grew up and went to school with the founders of the Black Panther Party: Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and David Hilliard.


KK would be welcomed back by most Rider fans.

It seems to me as another case of how dare you leave the Riders! To go to an NFL site to hunt KK down and try to discredit him is just moronic. But then again KK is not very smart! Just check his web site out! When he accomplishes something just maybe then you should brag on your own web site. (insert Burris has a web site) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Actually Pacman Jones hasnt been charged with anything.

All I can say to this is who in the hell cares? If KK wants to vent , let him do it! He will very hard pressed to make it in Indy. I wish him well, but c'mon, lets talk about players who are trying to crack the Rider roster, not who is trying to make the Colts' roster.

Actually Pacman Jones hasnt been charged with anything.
Actually, Pacman has been charged AND convicted on more than one occasion. It is merely his latest escapade which has not yet had charges laid.... [url=http://bumpshack.com/2007/03/02/pacman-jones-criminal-record/]http://bumpshack.com/2007/03/02/pacman- ... al-record/[/url]

I agree!
Just a few Stamps fans have nothing better to do than talk about ex-Riders in one thread after another…

Arius it is not a Stamp fan that is seeking out ex rider players to attack them. That is where you are wrong. I find it wrong that if a player leaves you flat landers you have to go chase them down and try to discredit them. Sad you bet. Just like crap on the lawn it is only a small group that causes problems for others. In this case Riderfan is out of line. Why would you go to the Colts site to air laundry like this? What purpose does this serve? Like I said it is a love/hate thing some have in Rider Nation. Your a player and leave you are a turn coat attitude. Myself I hope KK does well with the Colts if he doesn't it is going to be very hard for him to return to the riders not only that his price might be too high. So Arius you are very wrong here my friend. Oops I am wrong I called you a friend! :lol: :lol:

Im glad you agree with me Arius , but its the only part of the post that I like. I do agree with 05, going to the Colts site and trying to discredit KK is nothing short of petty. KK is trying to make the team in Indy, and we should wish him the best, love him or hate him. We shoud worry about who is going to be OUR running back this year. Bracey looks to be the best of the bunch, with Dorsey doing returns as well. Lets concentrate on who we have, not on someone trying to make the Colts' roster. BTW, this is the only thread other than the Burris thread on ex-Riders. Im more focused on who will be with the Riders this year- not on KK on Smilin Hank.

Good post Sambo and very right. Why chase down ex players and create this crap? Yes, there are fans in every city that would do this sort of thing but it seems it happens more with the riders. Could it be that green blood? The good thing about the running back position is there are lots of good ones out there. Why waste your time on a guy that played at best 1/4 of the game and pouted the rest of the game. You want a guy that will play 60 minutes a game and a guy who wants to be there. Now if the writer was in fact KK it was obvious he did not want to be in the CFl, did not like the fans etc. I believe this guy is KK, just because of the attitude matches the way he played.

Actually, considering you were the Stamp fan I was referring to…
You spend more time talking about Henry Burris and the fact he is an ex-Rider, than any other poster on this forum, bringing him up constantly.
And in this case, you were the one who took the time out of your busy day to post the “letter” by, supposedly, KK.
And rather than attack the malicious gossip of the so-called “Riderfan”, you made fun of KKs grammer and spelling (which is ironic given your propensity to ignore both). And adding to the malicious nature of the debate with comments like:

Could KK be that dumb my answer is yes.
Why waste your time on a guy that played at best 1/4 of the game and pouted the rest of the game... I believe this guy is KK, just because of the attitude matches the way he played.
Contrary to agreeing with Sambo, and talking about Shemar Bracey or Fred Russell, you are in fact doing the opposite and continuing to talk about KK, and to malign him to boot.

It is all fine and dandy for 2005 to say he disapproves of a fan going to the Colts website and maligning KK, but it has not stopped him from doing the same thing right here.
Don't do as I do, do as I say.....

Wow arius I am very proud of you just a small post great to see. And yes in away you are correct. But I am not a fan off KK's right. I do not go to the Colts site to beat the guy up reputation wise. That is just plain stupid for a Rider fan to do. Do you agree. You can expect fans from other teams to not like the guy. But I do not believe Stamp fans have gone to the Colt site to do this. The fact of the matter it was funny and needed discussion so that is why a Stamp fan posted it here. The real problem is not so much KK but that a fan would lower himself to have that much of a fixation he would track him down. Wow first time to out do you in the size of post.