KK does not like Rider fans or the CFL it appears!

This is a letter that appeared in the Colts fan site.

[b]first of all i would like to say a couple of things. im here in indianapolis to play good football wether the fans want to except me or not. i am a realist, im not here to please the world. i have allways been good to my fans even when the fans havent been good to me. as pros, we understand that you may here alot of false statements and rumors about your self. but you learn to deal wit them, but there comes a time when you have to set the record straight...
now mr. or mrs. so-callde riderfan, im a man and i can own up to the things that have happend in my life. yes im being charged with assault for being a friend and trying to help a teamate when nobody else would, thats what teamates do.. i tried to saved him from life time injuries. i didnt have to, but if i was in that situation and i needed help from someone other than bouncers that provided no protection, i would want my teamates to step up. even if it was a no win situation..but i didnt do what im being accussed for.
now ive heard so many diferent stories about me getting beat-up by one of my o-lineman (actually two) gene mcowski, and andrew green! WOW thats the most rediculous thing i have ever heard. but reality is, i had a hymotoma( if thats how you spell it) in my knee from the toronto home game before the buy week. me and andrew are real good friends and still are.. we laughed at the stupidity of the made up stories that people were spreading. once we heard a reporter saying sumthing about it before he asking us about it, drew and i had alot of harsh word to address to that certain reporter ( rob vanstone). he apologized! and that was that. but theres still people like riderfan out there that dont know anything about anything, and wants to feel important, so he/she says anything for attention and cant even get the story right? GENE OR DREW? who was is it. lol ( grow up)
as for nebraska.. i turned them down.
as for coach carter.. that is my peewee leauge coach and family friend that actually knows me...key word(knows)
as for stealing from my teamates.. never happend. never even heard about it tile i read this rediculousness.
and as for not coming to the colts earlier.. i was under contract! yes the cfl has contracts...
"ive been waiting to get some of this off my chess"

but on the other hand.. now that the truth is out there. hello colts fans. im loving the city and the support. stay behind me. wether im 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or whatever, im goin to do some good things for the team. they like me here and i like playing for the team.. i worked hard for this. [/b] Did this guy go to University? Pretty dumb if you ask me.


If he did attend university, his major must have been in basket-weaving. It sure wasn't grammar, spelling, or elocution.

Yes MJ I think maybe he was tutored by someone that cut out paper dolls or something. :lol: :lol:
But to be bitter towards the very fans that stood up for him is well just stupid. :lol: :lol:

Wait, which KK are we talking about here? I know it's referring to Mr. Keith; however, with the spelling and grammar, one has to wonder.... :lol:


A very valid point! Hadn't occurred to me........

No worse than many who post here now or in the past.

Keith played with Gene and Andrew for how long? Is it reasonable to suspect, since he saw their names on their jerseys every freakin' game, that he'd grossly misspell the name of one and slightly misspell the other? There is a good chance this may be Keith, but anyone can assume an alias on a fan site.

it is hard to make it through some of what he's trying to say - but I really don't see how this means he doesn't like the CFL or Riders?

he seems to be only defending his name and/or his actions and dispelling some rumours he had heard going around about him

....i don't really read any negative remarks about the Riders or CFL for that matter...it would be foolish for a player of Keiths talent... to burn bridges that you may have to return on someday.... KK may be a little young and naive....but he is certainly not a moron....goodluck to him ....maybe it'll work out with the Colts...if not, i.m sure Tilman will welcome him back with open arms..... :wink:

You are right then the next reply by him was:

for the record. i have never been in trouble b4, so dont turn me into some criminal. let the canadians worry about the cfl. i never should have been there in the first place. you cant ruin me here, you cant even do it there..im signin off for good.. kk

Wow, what an entertaining thread at the Colts forum.

Is it not a dandy. The funny thing is the Priders are attacking him! Hmmm Hank must feel real good about now! The interesting part is the Rider fan has listed a lot of criminal activity that was never released before which seems interesting. I guess we can call it the HOOD now in Rider Nation! But all kidding a side why in the world would Rider fans go to the Colt site air the dirty laundry? Isti because

  1. They feel jilted once again by a player
  2. They feel by air dirty laundry the fans will hate him in Colt land and just maybe he will be released and end up back in Rider Nation.
  3. Or is this a natural thing that Rider fans do?
  4. All of the above

WOW, I feel terrible now. How could I have been so foolish? All this time I thought it was Jeremy O'Day who beat the crap outta him

Why is this suprising? Who really likes Rider fans? The only thing suprising is that a grown man wrote this

And who knows the writer could very well be KK. The fact he defends his position and what has gone on I believe this to be the real thing. Even one of his coaches is trying defend him and well he did a crappy job of it. But you can see in the writing the attitude would fit KK. And who iis to say the mispelt words could be that he is sitting on the couch with Nealon toking up. :lol:

oh my that was a hilllarious thread on the colts forum…they know more about a 4th string rb then anyone else in the nfl now…THANKS TO US lol

This article appeared today on the CBC Saskatchewan website....

Football player Kenton Keith will stand trial for assault in connection with an incident at a Regina nightclub last year, a judge has decided.
The 26-year-old American citizen is accused of injuring a man during a late-night brawl at Soho's nightclub.
Keith, a running back who was first signed by the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2001, is currently attending training camp for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. A preliminary hearing was held in Regina on Wednesday to determine if the Crown's case was strong enough to proceed to trial. Keith had received permission from the court to be absent from the proceedings.
Five Crown witnesses testified about events at the nightclub. Their evidence cannot be reported because of a publication ban.
After hearing their testimony, provincial court Judge Clifford Toth ruled there was enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial.
Keith had received permission from the court to be absent from the proceedings.
No date has been set, but the trial could be scheduled for the fall or winter.

Okay, two things here:

  1. That thread made me feel ashamed to be an American with all of the ignorant, anti-CFL stuff on the first couple of pages

  2. it had to be the longest pillow fight in recorded history

Great. If that is really KK, he will meet commish Roger Goodell before he ever steps foot on an NFL field. Goodell has an iron fist when it comes to keeping players in line. If his NFL plans do not work out, I wonder if he can eat a ton of humble pie and come back to the CFL...

indy fan...do you think the commish will waste his time on a guy that willl best be 3rd string RB????

That is exactly my point. If the commish does have to meet with him, it will most likely be because of bad behavior and not what he does on the field. The new commish in the NFL has zero tolerance for troublemakers. Established players have felt his wrath. He will not hesitate to come down on a 3rd stringer if the guy is being troublesome.
And its Indy Dan (I am not more of an Indy Colts fan than the next guy, its just my nickname!).