KK charged. what should the riders do about it.

Personally i still think KK is one of the best backs in the league. i know alot of riders fans would like to see him cut.

Do you suspend him pending the outcome or the charges?

Or do you stick with him, as they have before?

Charged, not convicted.....stick with him.

inocent untill proven guilty.need to know the whole story before making a decision like cutting him loose.he is still a great back.

He's a zero - get rid of him. He's been nothing but problems for the riders and as for him not being convicted, I'm sorry but where there's smoke there is fire.

IMO :expressionless: i think its time to trade him :cowboy: maybe to Hamilton for Holmes :stuck_out_tongue: KK isn't the same back he was 3 years ago, his numbers are down and now he looks like a trouble maker :roll: bye bye

what a surprise, someone living in sask gets charged for a crime..LOL....

i guess people dont get charged in Edmonton :roll: what a surprise :roll:

only about 300 people everytime the oilers played :lol:


My take on this is Kenton is just about on his last straw, he has done nothing spectacular this season so that doesnt help any, on top of his less than stellar play hes charged with assault, last season had issues with members of the o-line, threatened a waitress at earls when he was denied an open table, I think hes nothing but a negative influence and quite frankly would love to create a new account KJsRiders? :stuck_out_tongue:

He hasnt done anything because he is too busy living the "high" life in the local bars. Using a bottle to hit a bouncer is cowardly, and its time for this team to "cut" their losses. Dorsey, Szarka and Hathaway are more than adequate relpacements for this guy, and with Joseph able to run as well, who needs Keith??

Since the player in question feels he's something pretty special, when in actuality he is just another unmotivated average football player, i say send him to calgary, he enjoys rap and dance more than playing the game so he'd fit in perfect with those danceing fools

he has done nothing spectacular this season so that doesnt help any, on top of his less than stellar play hes charged with assault
sure he hasnt had a break out game yet but his yards per carry are third among backs. I know he hasnt carried the ball much but i wouldnt say that 5 yards per carry is pretty good.

as for the assault charge i dont think it will stick. sounds like its pretty shakey at best. he'll cop a quick plea do some community service and who knows maybe be better for it.

Let me see, if any of you are convicted of getting into it with a bouncer and the sentence does not interfere with your job, should you be fired anyhow??

Big diff between assaulting a bouncer and wife abuserapedrug dealingetc. Heck, even what Burtuzzi did was worse.

tlet me see...i dont recall anyone getting convicted of anything right now :? so wut the hell are u talking about :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

I don't care what he does with his private life. I can't stand him as a player. The new and vastly unimproved Kenton Keith can't block, he can't catch, he fumbles , he's selfish on the field and he can't dance. Give him to the Stamps, they can always use another dance partner

The thing we are talking about here is principle, not one particular incident. K.K. has a pattern of having aselfish, me first attitude. Its what the Riders nor the fans want or need. Bertuzzi's deed was , IMO, an isolated incident, and he has paid his debt to the NHL. Kenton Keith needs to be knocked down a peg or two, and a good way to start is for the Riders to show him the door, saying , no you are not bigger than the team.

im goin to have to agree :wink: IMO i think this is a black eye for the team again :oops: the [i]RIDERS[/i] should set an example with KK and suspend him and/or trade him. enough is enough :expressionless:

I don't know what you are talking about Keith made a few good blocks last game including one that allowed Joseph to get a first down and he is a consistent blocker in the backfield. He also is a good receiver out of the backfield not as good as Holmes but he is not horrible like you make him out to be. Last game he had one or two fumbles but he is not known for that. I seen Holmes fumble more than he did last year. I say you go to B.C. without him since he had a short week of practice and is sick. You let Bracey and Dorsey do the running and see if Bracey can knock some holes open that Keith can't. If the running game is successful then maybe you look to cut or trade him because he is a problem for the team.

Well bigj, this (RB) that we are talking about has considerable expectations attached to his name,such as an offensive threat, he is or was supposed to be in elite company at his position and when i see how these other (RB'S) handle their jobs this guy does not compare.....why? Idon't really care, i know RB'S are a dime a dozen (Shivers own words)......GO RIDERS GO