KK aka Kenton Keith officially charged with assault

Reported by CKOM/CJME Radio

Kenton Keith is now charged, following an incident at a Regina nightclub, Canada Day weekend.

The Riders' tailback is charged with aggrevated assault stemming from an incident Canada Day weekend. A bouncer at the Soho's Club in Regina was injured.

Keith made his first appearance in Regina Court this afternoon.

Does this finally mean DB and RS will actually have to cut the shite disturber?

Oh man... I thought this was about Kanga-Kucha !

Apparently, from what I've heard rumbling, Keith didn't take practice earlier this week.....rumour was he was "sick".....

It was only a matter of time before this happened, in my opinion.

Time for Shivers and Barrett to release another player...

So did I!

I did too.....

...i did a double-take ...when i seen this thread....Kanga...a bad man :o ....what a relief to find out it was only Kenton (bad dude)Keith....i think Danny and the Shiv. have some soul-searching to do about this guy..he seems like a loose cannon... :roll: :roll:

working on the chain gang.......wonder if KK will be a wide receiver when he gets out....

Well...one loose cannon comes to Canada (Williams). So, lets send KK to the nfl! :wink: They like loose cannons down there.

Well, one good thing about it, if he does get cut, no more worries about Andrew Greene during practice scrimmages. :lol:

This would also be a good time to tell the coach and GM that they are done at year's end...

How many chances do players get in Regina???

The guys turned into a joke.

CHANCES???? Players and coaches both,once your in your in, my beloved Rough Riders have turned into an old boys club,send the bunch of them back south, see how (KK's) rap career does back in New Mexico

You have to feel sorry for the team. It really did not deserve this. It might be fun to roast the gophers on this forum but this is not good. Guess some guys don't mature as fast as most. Thank goodness that here you are not guilty until proven. Time will tell.

///i agree with you LeBird...i like a team to get beat on the field...not off of it...hopefully the Riders can shake this one off and get back to better football...you have to feel sorry for the rest of the guys on that club...who are trying....ol'K.K. seems to be trying his best to screw them all over..wake-up Danny and Roy.. :?

Keith is innocent until proven guilty, the day Keith and his accuser get in court will reveal what happened, and why. There are two ways of looking at this episode--one being that a selfish prima donna player losing his professionalism and temper-- or a guy looking to gain 15 mins of fame by antagonizing a moderately well known sports figure in this country. It may come down whose story you believe, and at this point I dont believe either side over the other, but the bad publicity this is receiving is the reason the Riders should cut their losses. Its a no win situation for the team, Kieth or the bouncer, just another sad chapter in the recent history of professional sport.

There is no reason what so ever that KK should be kept on this team with his track record. 3 strikes and your out.

After thinking about this, im giving KK the benefit of the doubt-- for now. Instead of releasing him, put him on suspension until this is resolved, then make a decision after the trial. I know I said release him earlier in this thread, but it was a gut reaction, a cooler head is now prevailing, thankfully.

I may be falling from the clouds here, but what were Keith's previous offenses?

...how many chances does this guy get is right...like migs says...he's nothing but trouble and will continue to be....get your head out of the sand...sambo...'it's just as buried as ...Danny and the Shivs' :roll:..