KJ takes back seat vs the Stamps

TSN is reporting the KJ will be replaced by Cody Pickett when they play the stamps this coming weekend.
It appears the rider fans were right. KJ is not a good qb.

I’m surprised by this move. If the Don thinks KJ is the only problem on offence he will be quite mistaken.

I would have to think that having KJ in there would be giving them a good chance of winning compared to a rookie. But stranger things have happend right Mr. Dinwiddle. The Don is going to shake things up to the point it is his team. The player earns his pay cheque or they sit. In a way this might be a good move.

Maybe The Don owes Huffer a favour…

Kerry is a good QB when utilized properly which is the responsiblity of the offensive coordinator - he should be the one turfed not KJ. As esks123 points out TO has bigger problems than KJ's performance which would be much better if he wasn't thrown on his backside so often during the game. Personally I think the team resents him for his being the replacement for Michael Bishop and hence the dropped passes, missed blocking assignments and multiple QB sacks.

It remains to beseen whether Don Matthews coaching will be enough to rejuvenate the Argos.

i could not agree more. he was MOP last season. i don't think a guy can slip that much from season to season.

this is the same for hamilton were the offensive coordinator is to blame.

this is the same for hamilton were the offensive coordinator is to blame.
He became head coach - go figure.

Thank the baby Jesus, finally the Argos organization makes a good move.
Some of you think KJ should be in there, but trust me as maybe you have seen on TV, this is not the same KJ who won the GC or MOP last year.
Being at the games live, he has looked horrible. Basically done at 35.
His throwing is way off the mark, as missing the receivers big time to include being picked off. No longer fleet on foot, when he roles out of the pocket and tries to run, it is an adventure in little or no yards.
Hey I used to like the guy from the Renegades days and last year by en large, but there is no way he should have been the starter over Bishop this year.
Need I remind what Bishop is doing in Regina.

Bishop is doing good in regina because its a great "team" with a great system, not because hes a great QB, he's just OK.

But this move makes the BC/Rider game next week more intresting because by this move the Argos just folded any chance of winning against the Stamps, what a bone headed move.....

The only way the Argos have a chance is if the Stamps blow it like they have done the last few years. I guess we'll see if they are ready to play consistent football.

Could mean many things. Could be that Burrato will be working with Matthews and Joseph to write some new plays and that could take a bit of time.

I'm very curious to know who decided to trade Biship...

Whole thing is really messy.

Here is a quote from Don...

"Will we change some things that both of these guys can flourish in? Absolutely. The only difference is that Cody is going to get the first shot at it."

As much as it pains me to say this, my Argos have little or no chance in winning this week.
If KJ would have started, the chance is nil and it only improves ever so slightly with Pickett.
This team is a current mess.

It is ridiculous to expect Cody Pickett to be an effective QB without ever playing. I know he has to play sometime, but this smacks of Mike McMahon from last season.

The real question is when KJ will be put back in...before halftime or after halftime?

Its not so much that KJ is a bad QB, he is in a system that is bad for him. There was one game where KJ played like he did last year- the game against the Eskimos. I think Matthews needs to look at the tape of that game and come up with a system that favours KJ and the Argos will win a few games.

The Don is not the winningest coach in CFL history for no reason....

He may be doing it to show the team that he means business or that no-one is irreplaceable

The Strickland signing is a start. I have a feeling when Fletcher comes back the Argos put Fletcher in the middle and Oshea ends his season and carreer as a backup. He's probably told his people to go out and find him some Defensive Ends.

The Argo's just aren't a good team, I think the Don is a good place to start for them but they have a long ways to go.

I think the problem is too many cooks in the kitchen making the decisions there. Adam Rita should take a hike and let Pinball run this team.

I have never been impressed by kj, any qb with his limited skill set could have been succesful with Austins system last year. Austin was smart enough to look at the qb and design a package which works. Unfortunately Kerry was never the kind of player who could read and react, or improvise without his feet. And what good Is a strong arm if you can't get the ball where you want it. Speed is a good tangeable but it is still not worth 300,000 bucks if all you can do is run. I wouldn't say that he thrived in sk (the only reason he was mop was cause he played all season) but without someone there watching him,showing him what to do he is useless. Even tillman knew he wasn't the saviour Kerry thought he was. Im sure There have been plenty of players who have won one mop award only to be lost into the depths of mediocrity the rest of their careers. His season wasn't even great last year. Our receivers and o-line made him look good/bailed him out game after game last year. Not to mention how he stunk out the cup game

Oh and Don Matthews is the "greatest coach" in CFL history but he's never played in the post SMS CFL. He's always been able to buy his team and has never been in a situation as messed up as TO. I think the post SMS CFL has left Don Matthews behind, its now what you can do with who you have, not what can you do with who u can get....