KJ....Do we need/want him?

Definately not as a starter, Durant has become the man. No question. But with Harrell, Bergquist and Bell, I think it's time to simply use what we have in the stable. I don't think Harrell should be a short yardage guy, but then again, (as much as I am a Harrell band-wagoner) he is unproven in the CFL, and (less) rumoured to have a weak arm. Lots say he was a great QB at TT because he was throwing to Crabtree. Hard to say what he can do here.

Problem is, if Durant goes down with a serious injury game one (no chance of that happening, right?, cause no one ever breaks legs around here :roll: ), then we don't have the experinced guy waiting in the queue, with Jyles gone. We can't go a whole season with any of the three, IMO.

I hope Miller gives pre-season to any of the other three, to give them some snap time. I would be sick if Durant took a season ender (or lengthy delay) in pre-season.

KJ left us for a bigger paycheque. Didn't fit in T.O's offense scheme, so he tanked and is now jobless. Now has said he's interested in coming back. I was a huge KJ fan, but he made his choice. Should have stuck with us. Hindsight is 20/20, Durant developed and turned out that he was a diamond in the rough. So in that regard, we benefited. Odds are, we have one or even two more diamonds waiting for the chance.

Tough call all things considered. We are changing too.

I'm conflicted, what does everyone else think?

No. That ship has sailed. We have a bon a fide starter and good prospects in the wings. Kerry's time in Regina is over - we don't need to start a QB controversy.

There would be no question to who the starter is so stop right there.How many young guys do we need that are not going to play DD is still young the guys behind will grow roots sitting on the bench.Bring in KJ to have a vet back up(if is knows thats what he will be and am sure he does)just in case.Keep D. Bell and trade Grahem H for a draft pick could use some canadian help on D more them having QB s that will not play.
As far as KJ leaving for more money do you blame him?It may not of worked out well for him but keeping him but it didnt work out good for us he was of better then Bishop the only positive about 08 was we seen what DD could do.

If Jyles is really gone one of the three young guys will emerge as a bonafide backup. The more reps they get and the more playing time they have the sooner that will happen. Bringing Kerry back would only impede that process!

At what point do you think these young guys will play

that's absolutely correct..

why bring in someone that we don't need? when we have QB's that are already good for 2nd string?

those guys need the time and experience, bringing Joseph back does nothing to help our future.

I would hope that they get to play much of the pre-season. If the Riders find themselves in a situation where they have a substantial lead I hope the head coach will make a switch quickly even though Darian will undoubtedly be unhappy!

No we do not want or need KJ.

IMO there’s not a significant drop at QB depth without Jyles here.SO, we’re basically in the same boat as 2009.
It’ll be exciting to see how the hype behind the new guys pans out.

As far as KJ goes, the only way he’ll catch on anywhere is in emergency relief.

Do we though? 2nd string? Who? Not one of the three has seen anything for snap time. All are probably capable but are all very young and have zip for real game experience. 2nd string could potentially be 1st for the remainder of the year.

if DD went down i dont trust the season to some unproven Qb.The posters on this form will be all over Miller and Taman for not having a vet back up qb.DD could be here along time as well so do you think that these guys will wait for a shot that will not come.The smart move if Steven J moves on is to have a proven Back up who better then KJ right now.If you say one of our young guys ask yourself do you think one of those guys is going to get wins am not that sure but wish them luck.IMO keep one of the young guys work out a deal with T.O, see if we could get a trade and pick up a good canadian on D thats the best option.

The Riders do NOT need KJ. We have 2 good prospects with lots of potential, but until they play & gain experience, how are we going to find out what that potential is? Just as we went with someone unproven to be our starter(turns out he was ready for the role), we have to do the same thing this year with respect to the back-up QB.

Re-read my statement, that’s exactly what I said. I wouldn’t trade DD for 10 KJ’s right now. DD’s the man. No question. But we have no experince beyond DD. We got a great crop of up and comer’s (I’m a huge Harrell fan) but, we don’t have a long term band-aid if DD breaks a leg. Can you honestly say we can go the distance with any of the other three? Now having said that, “IF” we aquire KJ (or even Pickett), make either one QB #5. The new talent NEEDS snap time. But we need back-up with experince. And KJ did get a ring with us. I’m just saying.

But please, make no mistake, I’m not saying a THING about Darian Durant. He’s the man!

The Riders do NOT need KJ. We have 2 good prospects with lots of potential, but until they play & gain experience, how are we going to find out what that potential is? Just as we went with someone unproven to be our starter(turns out he was ready for the role), we have to do the same thing this year with respect to the back-up QB.
You're right, they need to play, and it's a tough call when.

Having said that, there are worse problems I guess, and if a team has issues, this is a good one to have. (Just look at what's happening in T.O. right now!)

We're in better QB shape then Toronto.

Look at the Bombers situation.
We're in a better QB situation then BC once they cut Pierce and move Jackson.

Riders 2010 is the perfect time to develop a backup.

HEY! More options! Michal Bishop has just been released! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tell what your plan would be to develop not 1 but 2 of these QB it is not going to happen and it cant there is not enough reps to go around come on already.T.O. has a need and so do we, part way with one of thses guys and get Defence thats easy to see.Even if it is not Kj we need a back up ready to step in now just incase. The way guys are posting here we may as well not even offer a contract to Steven because we got some guys who have not taken a meaningful snap in there pro carrer waiting in the wings.

Jyles is already a Bomber.


The hallmark of any successful organization is its ability to assess talent, and then to trust that assessment. That's what the Riders did when they let KJ go...and what they failed to do when they brought Bishop in....and what they did again when they released Bishop and gave DD the reigns in 2009. I'd suggest the results were better when they trusted their assessment than when they did not.

If they are correct in their assessments of Bell/Harrell, then one of them should be capable of playing meaningful minutes this season (Bell's 3rd, Harrell's 2nd). Durant did not look out of place in his first starts as a pro, and the two kids we have behind him now have basically the same experience Jyles and DD did in 2008 when they were number 2 and number 3.

Going back to a KJ now is saying you don't trust your assessment of these young players. If that's the case, cut them, and find new players. If you do trust your assessment, they have to get the first shot to play, should the opportunity arise.

Harrel 2nd he has not even played one full season yet.He has proved nothing he has not even taken a snap in a game yet.This is how to lose not how to win this is what T.O. did one proven guy and no one with exp. did you not watch this year god forbid if DD went down and we had to turn to herall we would be ****** at least with a vet like KJ he could pull out a couple wins the other 2 most likely would not fair to well.

It's a tough call. To all those who say we have guys who need time to play, that's fine but when you make that statement you have to be ready to possibly have a losing season if Durant goes down for any length of time. If you are prepared for that in order to get these guys playing time then we don't need KJ.