Kitwana's Vigilante Justice.

This guy did exactly what I would have done. I had a similar experience downtown one day. I was headed home from work and heard an old man yelling "Stop that guy, he stole a hundred bucks from me!" The dude blew past me and I took a second to figure out the situation. I figured I could take the guy and I chased after him. Half a block later I have a death grip on the guys jacket and got him trapped in a doorway. I didn't let go of the fool until security arrived. If you make a big fuss about someone generaly you'll get backed up if there is someone around. I was so happy that I was able to help the old guy with a cane on slippery Edmonton streets. Like a week before Christmas. Kitwana Jones, thank you for doing the right thing. He earned a lot of respect from me for this.

Three cheers for Jones!

Too bad our Justice system will let the poor mugger off with a slap on the wrist.

Too bad Jones couldn't have inflicked a little "Road Rash" on the thief!

Hey Kitwana, Wes Cates is a purse snatcher, GET HIM!!!

just kidding, very nicely done- a rare positive story in the news is always good.

lol....Sean, now that's funny stuff! Good one!